LV -Beth Ankle Boot?

  1. I've passed on everything from the spring/summer collection this year as nothing really blew me away.

    I was having a look around the LV website and came upon these boots that are due out this fall.These have me
    :drool::drool::drool: but I just can't decide if they are worth $1,150.00.What do you gals think ,would you cough up the dough for these boots? Pick a number :smile:!

  2. as a guy I would love a woman in those boots!!! You only live once, get them!!!!
  3. I like them but I would have to LOVE them to spend that much on boots(I cant talk..LOL..Im spendin over 1100 on short Chanel lux boots I adore...!!)
  4. Get them if you like them!!!
    Lucky for me the LV Shoes i love are only £180!
  5. Hell Yeah - They are the hottest LV shoes I have ever seen - and I own lots of LV shoes.
  6. The more I look at them the more I tend to agree.These are smoking hot boots,now I'm on the hunt for the perfect black suede bag;).