Lv belts

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  1. #1 Jan 22, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2009
    I am wearing all of mine except for the wide suhali black...not enough room lol....mono initials 40, black epi initials, black mc reverse and azur initials...I lvoe Lv belts now....
  2. :huh::tumbleweed::shrugs:
  3. LV belts are awesome that is why I posted a pic of most of is my new LV addiction...I like to match my bag with a belt...I love the is nice to mix and match as well...I never wear them all at the same time:wtf:...I was just to lazy to model them one at a time....a quick reveal of my new belts...
  4. mc belt looks very stunning :drool:
  5. hahahahaha i love it!
  6. nice! congrats!
  7. I want the Azur one (if they make it for guys)! Argh! lol.. I think I'm too fat to wear such nice belts (sz. 31/32).. Nice haul!
  8. Congrats.
  9. Thanks for sharing:yes:
  10. Love them congrats
  11. i love the MC! congrats
  12. lol nice pic! I've always wanted an LV belt because I do wear belts all the time, but I usually wear longer shirts too so the belt wouldn't even be visible :sad: so I will just live vicariously through you lol with all your belts!

    How have they held up over time? do you use them often?
  13. Your belts are TDF! :love: Beautiful!!
  14. thank you everyone....LV belts are awesome...once you get one you want another...just like their more belts for me....:nuts:
  15. I love them! Very nice collection :tup: