LV Belts

  1. Opinions? Too flashy with the monogram? :graucho: I really like both the cherry blossom and MC, both of them are on E-Luxury. I mainly wear belts at work, with business casual or professional dress.

    Just considering adding something else to my collection :shame:
  2. I love their belts..seen them IRL and they are super cute!
  3. I am probably in the minority here, but I've never been a fan of LV belts. They look too flashy and pretentious, IMHO. They remind me of wannabe's in rap videos. :oh: I suppose if you wore it with the right kind of clothes, it might actually be a nice accessory! (not quite my thing though.) :rolleyes:
  4. I was kinda thinking the same thing :shame: But then I saw the cherry blossom belt, and I kinda had a change of heart. The LVs aren't too in your face, and the shade of pink is so pretty :heart: But then again, I don't wear pink all the time, and the MC might look nice with a bright, solid color tee and white pants. I think I'd have to skip carrying a monogram bag, though.
  5. I love LV belts, especially the cherry blossom. It is TDF in real life. I've always wanted one but all I wear is jeans and my shirts usually covers it, so I don't really need one. But I think that they are lovely and you can't go wrong with it!
  6. Hmm. E-Luxury only has the CB belt in small or medium. I wonder what the measurements are? :huh: I usually buy guys belts and get them big, so I buckle them on the third or fourth hole (I'm strange :shame: ). Maybe I'll call 866-VUITTON tomorrow and ask :graucho:
  7. HM... IMO... it could be a nice accessory piece to yours outfit, especially if it's the monogram canvas, and i think it'd look pretty chic if you were wearing all black like a suit or dress pants/slacks. but it really needs to minimalist touch to make it work... and NO bag along with it! :amazed: unless it's a different design... else it'd be OTT...
    just my 2cents! :shame:
  8. I don't like them.. I saw some in the store in Denmark, and they didn't do it for me, it just seems a bit too flashy and fake-looking since every teenybopper in my country have a fake gucci- or LV-belt (and bag! :sad:).
    Personally I love monogram bags and small acessories like scarves, wallets and maybe shoes, but I find everything else "tacky" (maybe not watches, but I haven't really seen any of them since they are waaay out of my economical reach anyway). However, I'm not dissing people who do like other monogram stuff and their style (apart from lil kim - yikes!) because that's my personal view which I have made up after years of seing kids with fake LV stuff.
  9. I love the monogram belt.
  10. I have four:
    Black Suhali
    White MC
    Black MC

    I love them all and use them often.
    I don't always wear them out (shown)...I mainly use my belts to keep my pants pun intended ;) So they are usually under my top.
  11. I have a white MC belt and a black MC belt. I like them when I wear solid color clothing and they go with any solid color bag. I dont do the matchy MC bag with them though.
  12. The MC is so cute, but it just seems too flashy.. or maybe I'm just too conservative personally to wear something like that.
  13. I bet it's very pretty in black :heart: I also wouldn't do the matchy-matchy thing with a monogram bag, and I'd keep the clothing simple :smile:
  14. I love them..I have the monogram (cherry blossom) one in the brown and I wear it all the time! I think it actually looks cute while you're carrying a monogram bag. My shirt usually is long enough that it gets covered up anyway though. Like in my avatar/profile picture..I have the belt on and am carrying the Musette. You can't really even see the belt so it's ok.
    I think the measurement for the small is around 24 inches, medium is about a 26-28 inch waist and large is 30-32 inches..somewhere around there.
  15. I am not a fan of skinny belts.:shame: