LV Belt - Need help with the size!!!

  1. Hi,
    does anyone know what size in cm should I get if I wear size 31/32 jeans (sz 8-10 pants?)
  2. I wear a size 8 pant, usually a 29 in jeans or a US 8 in trousers (european size brands vary too much to mention here) so I bougt 95cm but I wear low waisted jeans. if you wear more work/dressy slacks that are higher waisted (more near your belly button) go up a size to a 90. hope this helps....I am 5'3" and 130 lbs but have a smallish waist. All my weight is in my hips/booty:cry:
  3. oops, meant to mention that they have five or six holes depending on the belt so it gives you wiggle room either way but maybe you'd be better with a 100cm for the jeans?
  4. Thanks Trishaluvslv...I m ordering from e luxury, thats why i want to be sure....:smile:
  5. I hope it works out! please post pics when it arrives! I have recently bought three LV belts, a mono canvas with silver buckle, a black multicolor with gold buckle and my favorite is the denim with vachetta and a cute little d ring on a tab to attach a cles or pochette to! I have been wearing them non-stop. I cannot believe i have owned Lv's for almost ten years and it never ocurred to me to buy a belt till now....:push: