LV Bellvue vernis violet

  1. Any info on the new vernis violet called Bellvue (hope I am spelling this correctly) that is supposedly coming out in mid January '08 ?
  2. yeah i want to see. if not before the event i'm going to on jan. 8th, i'm sure it will be there.
  3. im interested to see how this bag looks like too. hope somebody posts a pic soon!
  4. it looks kinda like the saleya.
  5. Thank you, JJ. Oh no, another bag to go on my list! :upsidedown:
  6. There is already a thread started about the purple vernis, but I'll post this here too:

    Did someone already post this? I saw the Roxbury drive in purple in real life this weekend. The purple is a lot lighter than these pictures show. I received this pic by email from my SA over the weekend.

  7. Thanks, smoothporter, for the pics! Let's post this on the S/S 2008 comments thread! Beautiful color!
  8. Smooth, thank you for posting this photo. I think I'd love the Roxbury!
  9. Pretty...I'm glad it's going to be lighter though, it looks a lot like the Amarante I have a few pieces of.
  10. I somehow prefer the Amerante.
  11. bellevue reminded me of a vernis neverful
  12. label addict so the bellevur is a tote??
  13. is the violette shiny in real life? it reminds me of the monogram mat from the pics. can't wait to see the bellevue!
  14. yep it's a big shoulder bag ( at least it looks pretty big) definately shoulder the straps are long
  15. does anyone have pics of the bellevue ?:nuts: