LV Baxter collar reveal!

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  1. I wanted to show a pic of my sweet rescue dog with his brand new Baxter collar! He's a bigger dog, so I had to get the GM which is the largest size. He's such a great dog he totally deserved it! I put his story on my 'New LV purchases' tread below.

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  2. Ah bless.. He is too cute!!
  3. Adorable!
  4. So sweet I love it!
  5. What a sweet dog--love a rescue-my rescued siamese Yoshi from petfinder has a Baxter collar too, pm. Its a dog collar but he does not know!!
  6. Too cute!

    What a beautiful dog! I'm a big dog lover, I have my australian shepard/lab mix sitting next to me right now! She's my best buddy. :smile:
  7. Yay I am so happy you saved him! He is so cute and looks great with his new LV collar. I hope you guys have a long and wonderful life together.
  8. So cute!!!
  9. What a handsome dude!! Love the collar on him - looks so stylish. He's lucky to have you.
  10. Aww what a cute dog! He looks fab with the collar!
  11. That's nice!!! That lucky dog. :P
  12. Awwww how sweet!
  13. owww soooo Cute ;)
  14. Cute!!!
  15. Soooo cute~!!! :love: