LV Batinoilles

  1. Hi Everyone I am new here so hope to get all the help you guys can render. Has anyone got yourself a batinoilles recently? I am thinking of getting one myself but cannot decide between a batinoilles or an horizontal batinoilles. Help!!!:confused1:
  2. You should probablly go into the store and try it on. I first bought the B horizontal on eluxury because everyone loved it so much. When i got it i was'nt so crazy about. I then went to LV and tried on the B vertical and loved it so much more. Now i have both
  3. I have the horizontal batinoilles and I love it. It is a great everyday day.
  4. personally like the BV better...but I think most people prefer the BH.
  5. I just got my BV today, and i love it!
  6. Congrats:yahoo:I use my BV everyday. just can't seem to put it down
  7. horizontal!!!:tup:
  8. go for the BH. it is alot more practical. the plain batignolles is just way too small. for me that is
  9. I love the BV, but it seems like most people prefer the BH. The reg Bat is handheld, so consider if you want shoulder (BV and BH) or handheld. Good Luck!
  10. Have a BV, great bag. Got the BV cause I like NS bags. Also, since Bat is open at the top, less likely stuff will come out when the bag is laying down, because it is deeper.
  11. I like the BH!
  12. I have the same experience as a lot of people here who settled on a BV. I heard rave reviews about the BH, but when I got it, it's just not.. what I had imagined. I got the BV, and love it!!! Go the store and try them on if you can.
  13. I had the BH, but initially I had my eyes on the BV, haha. But you gotta try it on to get a feel and see which one you really like, or which one you think looks better on you. :p
  14. bh for me. the v is weird shaped
  15. I had the BH but sold it. I think this thread about Batinoilles has been asked several other places. While it's a pretty bag, having the top open on a purse w/o a lot of height i.e. the bucket was an issue for me. I have kids and dogs. So many times I would set it on the table and one or the other would come by and knock it over.... crash everything flying out. Then in the car if I hit the brakes too soon... same issue w/ lipstick and all kinds os stuff everywhere. I ended up selling and just bought a lockit to try out.