LV Batignolles question

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  1. Hi, everyone! I need help please... I am conflicted. I've been planning that either the horizontal or vertical batignolles would be my first LV. And I've been visiting it in the boutique to try it on, etc.. Today my husband pointed out that the monograms were not aligned at the seams, so he asked me "Isn't it supposed to be aligned? That's what you told me." So, it sort of makes me not want to get this one... The lady in the store said that LV is not as particular anymore, with the newer styles at least -- they just ensure that the most number of "LV"s are centered rather than paying particular attention to alignment. And yes, the alignment was off..

    And I was so excited (just waiting until bonuses come in).. now I don't know what to do.
  2. Huh! I just got a new horizontal (marked Made in US)...and everything is aligned properly. Maybe ask to see some older stock bags? That's a shame if LV is going to start to make their bags LOOK like fakes!!!
  3. Ok, will do. Hopefully there are some which have the monograms lining up. But I looked in elux and it does seem as though they don't line up on the sides, for the regular batignolles and the vertical. For the horizontal on the LV site, the sides seem to line up.

    Here.. tried to copy part of the bag (vertical) from elux.

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  4. I have noticed that too. I make them take everyone they have out and check them carefully right down to the little ripple in the leather. SA's run when they see me. If you love it go and look them over you may fine one you like.
  5. I got the horizontal from Eluxery and it is fine. I like the horizontal better than the verticle becasue then my stuff had more room to lay at the bottom of the bag instead of having to be stacked longways. Thought it sould be easier to see into also. Hope that helps some.

    Also it will really suck if LV is going to cheapen their quality and will start looking like the cheaper fakes. Personally I only have the 1 LV but I think that it is way overated and not worth the price. My main grip is that for $750 a canvas bag with a cheaper fabric liner that is flat on the bottom doesn't at least have some feet to keep the bottom from getting dirty! I know I am totally in the minority here.
  6. I would do as serendipity says and request that all of a particular style of bag be brought out so you can compare and choose from the best. I haven't noticed a problem with the LVs not lining up on any of my bags, but that'd be a real shame if they're going to let their quality slide, especially since luxury products are supposed to be the pinacle of quality.
  7. Thanks guys. I think I will do that.

    But actually now I am seriously considering making a damier or epi my first rather than the MC. What do you think of the Damier Triana? I like how there are pockets on the sides, apart from the zipped up medium compartment. In structure, it's just like the pont neuf in epi (which I also like). And I like how the handles are a bit longer than the Alma which is a bit uncomfortable to carry in the crook of my arm.

    Or is there another mc that I should put on my consideration list should I really be unable to find an all-aligned batignolles.. like popincourt? (Seems small..)

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  8. Oops! Clarification, when I said "mc" in the above post I was referring to the monogram canvas and not the multicolore as you usually do. (Obviously an LV virgin! :P )
  9. I personally like the batignolles... i can't believe LV's going to sacrifice their quality -- that mjay be a factory deffect... the large popincourt would also be nice. I think a mono would be the best to start with. More classic.
  10. I eyeballed the vertical and horizontal at Saks in the Dallas Galleria this weekend, both were perfectly aligned.
    When I buy mine I'll make sure of it!
  11. Ok, maybe this was a one off. Will definitely make sure before I buy! Still I wonder why they posted a weird one on eluxury.