LV Batignolles Horizontal

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  1. Hi LV Fans,
    Usually I am not a LV fan b/c of all the fakes out there but I just fell in love with this bag. I might consider getting it. Can someone tell me more about it? I am not familiar with Lv products at all. Is the Classic Monogram Canvas made of Leather or Canvas? Good points and bad points about LV bag?

    Thanks for your feedback.

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  2. It is made out of canva's.
    i will find some pics.
  3. curtis.54>Wow, thanks for the nice photos. The bag's outside looks like leather not canvas?? I am guessing lether b/c of it reflective properties. I am hoping it is made of leather. I'd buy it is leather. :lol:
  4. The trim and handles are leather that will turn to a patina with in time.
    But the monogram is canvas.
  5. I have this bag and it's FAB!
  6. the monogram bags are made of treated canvas, not leather. the trim and handles are leather, but the monogram part is not. for proof, look at (the only online seller of authentic, new LV). they classify the fabric as 'Monogram Canvas.' i promise it is.

    that being said, monogram canvas is nearly indestructable; it's much more resistant to wear and use than your average leather bag. i have two monogram canvas LVs (speedy 25 and babylone tote) and i have to say that they're probably my most versatile bags. i'm never afraid of ruining them or getting them dirty because they're so durable (the speedy is 20 years old without a loose stitch on it), they go with everything, and they're very classic and sophisticated. i'd like very much to add the Batignolles Horizontal to my collection, it's a fabulous bag for everyday use.

    i used to dislike LV as well because of the numerous fakes, but then i took the plunge and bought the used speedy, and it was all downhill from there. i'm a huge fan of the brand, their bags are worth every penny.
  7. This bag changed my mind about LV, totally worth it. Since then, I have bought 2 LV items and plotting to buy my 3rd piece very soon. And when I am free, casually scouting for my 4th conquest !
  8. If you really prefer leather, you might want to check out the new epi passy GM which has the shape and size of the batignolles horizontal.
  9. Wow, that's interesting to confirm that LV Classic Monogram Canvas is made of coat canvas and not leather. I've assumed it's leather this entire time. I've seem my friends' LV bags and the shell felt thick and plastic-like so I just assumed it was leather. Dior's coated canvas prioducts aren't so durable so I've stayed away from "canvas" materials, assuming they are all like that. It's great to know that a 20-year old LV coated canvas bag is still in good condition!! This definitely proves to be a keeper.

    I've mentioned to my hubby this evening that I'd like to get this for my b-day. He flat out side "no" b/c of LV's fake population. I can go out and get it, but I'd really like to get his blessing. Afterall, he pretty much get me what I really want. rrr... This is going to be hard to convince him.

    I checked out the epi passy GM, it's SWEET!! Let's see what my hubby will respond to. I think the Batignolles is half this price of epi passy GM. I may have a better chance to get him to agree.
  10. I suggest you try to show him the pics of the Epi Passy and say "It's 100% leather!" and then when he agrees that it's gorgeous, casually mention the price. Maybe it'll work... :P Happy birthday by the way!
  11. I am wanting a speedy 25 and my bf is saying the same thing. First he says it's ugly but mostly b/c he says there are so many fakes around it is not worth it. Also, everyone will think mine is fake too. But I don't care about what other people think and i want one I know is real but I also do want his blessing too. I basically told him that this will be my first LV purchase and that it would really mean a lot to me. He wants to make me happy so he has given me his blessing to buy it!! So just butter him up and tell him how special it will be for you:biggrin: How can he says no, give him some puppy eyes!
  12. Yes, its canvas :biggrin: I have this bag, its a great functional purse@!
  13. I love my speedy bag 25 &30, it goes with everything. It's very roomy considering the size. I think LV speedy is very versatile. My hubby don't understand why I need 2 speedy. I jus can't explain it to him...I just need it lol
  14. I have the Batignolles Horizontal and recommend it highly. It's a beautiful, functional bag. It's comfortable to carry and big enough to hold work files/notebooks (I've been told can hold a laptop, but I don't have one), but never feels like you're toting around a piece of luggage. And yes, the canvas is durable and wipes clean. This was my first LV bag, and made a convert of me.
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