LV Batignolles Horizontal or Prada Nappa Hobo??

  1. So today I think I'm going to buy a bag with the help of a bonus I got from work.
    I am obsessing over the Prada Nappa Multicolour Hobo, and I am looking for a small bag for a wedding I am going to in the summer.
    However, I also really like the Batignolles Horizontal.
    There is a pretty significant price difference: BH comes to $845 and Prada comes to $1483
    I think I will get the BH eventually, but I don't know if I should wait to get the Prada hobo...what do you guys think??
    I attached pics too :smile:

    P.S. the BH pic is courtesy of tPF member tauketula

    Thanks for your help!
    batignolles.jpg prada.jpg
  2. While the Prada hobo is stunning the colors might make it more difficult to match your clothes. The LV is more usable, can fit more and is easy to use. I think it all comes down to whether you need an everyday bag or a bag for more special occasions.
  3. I love the prada bag! I think you could wear a lot with it because of the different colours. You can come back to the everyday LV anytime -- treat yourself today!
  4. i am leaning toward the prada...
  5. the prada is cuter, but is it too small?
    there's this huge one too but it's very expensive aaargghhhh

    Purple/pink/yellow/green wavy nappa leather stripes, top handle; removable shoulder strap
    size : 15 7/10"L x 18 9/10"W x 5"D
    currently retails for $2360
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. I like the Prada better but it is really small. But that's why you get to choose and good luck with that choice...
  7. Well I checked out Prada and LV...and I went with the LV BH haha.
    The Prada store was sold out of the bag in the colours I liked- they only had the black and gold one and I didn't like it. Plus it was really small and was about $1600 which is a lot...The BH just made more sense.
    However they are coming out with wallets and small clutches that are a lot cheaper so I may buy one of those later.

    Thanks for everyone's advice!
  8. I don't know, they're both so beautiful, yet so different. I guess I'd buy the Prada now in case it won't be carried in the stores forever. The LV would be the next thing I'd buy after that, only b/c it will always be available (hopefully).
  9. ^^^ Good choice, congrats! The Prada may also go on sale eventually.
  10. Not really a fan of either - would you really carry that Prada after the wedding? Does it even match your outfit?

    Why dont you dial down the price and pick a bag that goes with your wedding outfit and then spend the extra on an everyday bag that goes with lots of things?
  11. Go for the Batignolles Horizontal now!!!