LV Bastille help!

May 27, 2006
So I had an unsuccessful search for a Mini Looping. :sad:

Anyways.. I've been eyeing a messenger bag for Spring semester.
I'm going to be taking 6 classes! 20 units! which means.. alot of books!!
That's when the Bastille came into my mind.
I've been searching on ebay & I've seen 2 different straps.
1 with the choco leather.
1 with textile fabric with "louis vuitton" on the strap.
Does it come in either one?
Orrrrrr one is fake?

If both is authentic, which one is more comfortable?
Thanks in advance ladies!!
P.S I tried to search for pictures of it being worn.
But no success.
I've just seen pictures of it.. AS IS.
If anyone has pictures of it being worn.. please post.


Jun 10, 2006
The City of London
The different straps is ok. The first bastille's had a leather strap which later switched to textile, also they changed the textile strap one's inside from being terracota to a dark brown.
Sorry I don't have any pics of mine being worn to hand, but i find the don't really hold that much, without looking ridiculously bulky.
May 27, 2006
I really like the size though.
I was thinking about the textile strap because i'll have at least 2 full size textbooks in the bag & the textile strap seems much softer.
Hmph.. I like the style because it isnt so over the top like the other messengers w/ the buckles & pockets being everywhere.


Sep 28, 2006
Does anyone have a reporter? Because I was thinking of getting this for a school bag, I typically have 4 large hardcovers and several notebooks in my backpack, is a reporter too small? I wanna see it IRL, and I'll prolly be at a store tomorrow but I dunno if my store has it, I've never seen it there...
May 27, 2006
I was thinking of the reporter too! But I think it wont fit my binder.
Hmph.. it's a cutie thoughhhhh.
Darn. you got me debating on the reporter / bastille again!

Deleted member 20806

I personally love my Bastille. Mine has the choco leather strap and even with 2 full sized textbooks, it's comfortable. And I believe that the leather strap looks way better than the textile one. I'll try to post more pics of mine being worn as soon as my camera charges.


May 19, 2006
I heard the reason they changed the strap to textile was b'coz leather was more uncomfortable to carry around, hence the change. I have the textile one and have been using it with no complaints even when I carry heavy items.

FYI, the lining of the bastille has also changed from red to brown now. Just in case you did not notice.
May 27, 2006
I find the leather is kind of a hassle.
It slips off easily when you're wearing a smooth shirt.
But after a bit doesn't the textile get cotton balls from rubbing on your shirt & all?