lv bandeau vs. hermes twilly

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  1. i was watching a yt video of someone wrapping their purse handles with an hermes twilly. of course after that i started to want one lol.
    but then i got to thinking, i can just get an lv bandeau since my bags are lv.

    but the twilly is a tad less pricey.

    what do you think?
  2. Personally I love my H twillys, but I'm biased because I like to pair them with my H bags. There's just a lot more colour/pattern options with H silks imo that you won't find in a LV bandeau, but it's up to you and what bags you want to pair it with.
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  3. Hermes seems to have a lot wider veriety of colors. They'll be wrapped around handles anyways and I don't think many people would notice the difference in brands.
  4. I was actually thinking of doing the same thing for my métis hobo. But I have no idea how you are supposed to wrap it.
  5. I thought there were the same price
    well I really like the hermes prints and you can do the same
    with lv ones :smile:
  6. Just a tip, the twilly is shorter and thinner than LV bandeaus.
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  7. thanx for the reply guys.
    i had no idea they were shorter as ive only seen them online. i guess you cant go wrong either way.
  8. I like them both equally, but I would go for the LV just so it matches my bag :smile:
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  9. I don't cross brands. LOL!
  10. Funny - I was just thinking today if I should buy an H twilly for my LV. I love the color choices but I just don't know if I can mix brands like that. A twilly actually costs a little more than a bandeau.
  11. lol for some reason i have no problem crossing brands. right now i only own LV bags so anything else i add thats not lv would be crossing brands anyway:lol:

  12. Hermes are $140 and LV is $160
  13. Over here it's H twill 130 € and LV bandeau 110 €. :smile:
  14. I use hermes twillies for Hermes bags, Lv bandeau for lv bags to protect the vachetta
  15. Buy what you love. The color ways at Hermes are so much more interesting than the LV bandeau, I'd be inclined to get whichever best complements my bag. For my Galet SC PM, I found a beautiful Hermes twirly that is perfect.
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