Lv Bandana and scarves

  1. I just got back from a trip from dubai and singapore... i bought four new lv's im LV obsessed ... has any of you bought an LV bandana its very nice :smile: very classy and nice on the head hahaha:love:
  2. hi kaka, can i ask if LV is cheaper in singapore than in the US (even without claiming back tax)? Do you know if it is cheaper than europe (Paris) as well? I am going to Singapore this summer and wonder if i should get some goodies! Thanks
  3. i have an LV bandana and i love it.....there're so many uses for them :P, but i mostly use mine in my hair......
  4. Can u please post pics of your bandanas? I'm so curious to see :P :P
  5. I just got an LV bandana and it looks lovely around a bag, my hair even around my neck. The cotton is very good quality.
  6. I saw a pic of it on a bag recently. It looked really pretty!
  7. Lol I have the 3 perfo ones on order. They're just so cute :smile:
  8. i love lv scarves too. especially the large ones. I have the white mc- and i get so much use out of it.
  9. i can't wait to get the perfo scarves too. they are super cute. please post pics once they arrive.
  10. Will do! They were just released not too long ago but my store hasn't gotten them in yet. Bah. Oh well..I think my SA told me they'd be in in the next couple of weeks :love:
  11. I purchased the perfo bandana in pink and am yet to use it and I looked at it last night and the LV fabric tag is falling off .. are they meant to come off or should I return it???:suspiciou
  12. hi for anyone of you asking ... so far dubai has the cheapest LV (the whole place is tax free) and you can buy at least 3-5 bags compared to other countries (i think paris) that you can only buy 1... i have the perfo scarf in pink ... get the perforated its limited edition only :love: i will post a picture as soon as i know how :shame: can anyone help ? :biggrin:
  13. I love the bandanas, I got the black LV and the Cerises one. I usually wear them on my head, gypsy style. Congrats on your new purchases!
  14. Thanks ! :smile:
  15. I'm also thinking of getting one - the multicolore. Which is better, the silk or cotton one? I'm planning to tie it on a bag like a Speedy.