LV Ban for 2 weeks!!!

  1. Be warned...this is LONG!

    So I officially need to calm down from shopping at Louis Vuitton. Thank GOD my job pays me well enough to survive AND shop at Louis Vuitton, but it's getting out of hand!!! While I was in Hong Kong in August I got the bosphore messenger GM, pochette toilette 15, and the fortune cles. Then when I took a day trip I got the Utah Wichita at the Wynn Resort a month ahead of schedule of the states. Then I was doing well and didn't buy anything for a while...and then GROOM!!! So I bought the red agenda and cles for myself and a cles for my best friend. I thought about it after I bought the agenda and realized I would never have the heart to use it so I decided to get ANOTHER agenda to use as a jotter. I called 866-Vuitton and they were able to locate a Monogram Koala Agenda in Black for me at SCP Saks. IT WAS THE LAST ONE!!! Yippee!!! So after class today, my best friend came over and we looked at it and picked that up, then went to the main store and she tried on some handbags. Now she's considering the Manhatten PM, Hudson GM, Petit Noe, and the Pochette Tikal. I randomly asked my favorite SA, Eleanor, who is leaving on Saturday for Chanel (good for her, bad for LV!) about the simple checkbook covers which finally came back! So I got them in Monogram and Damier. I thought I was all good but then I inquired about scarves/mufflers for my mom and she showed me some and I stumbled upon one that I fell in love with. It's called the echarpe maille, you can all look at pictures and tell me what you think of my purchases! Enjoy! I know I am!!! :yes:
  2. WOW! lotsa stuff, at least u love it! what pics?
  3. You´ve gone on a real shopping spree :biggrin: Pics?
  4. Trying to upload pics...silly to ask, but how do you compress the pics so that you can upload them?!
  5. try to host pics it works great and gives u a straightforward option when uploading how 2 resize.
  6. I just use the crop feature- by cutting off all the non-essential sides you can usually scale it down to fit :flowers:
  7. Hope these photos work! PM me if you would like more detailed photos!
    n6011987_31565859_2397.jpg n6011987_31565860_3363.jpg n6011987_31565861_4215.jpg n6011987_31565862_5076.jpg
  8. Oh they are stunning! Gongrats!
  9. Join us in the BAN!!
  10. :nuts: Great buy!!!! Congrats!...only ban for 2 weeks?:graucho: lol
  11. Haha, I am getting 5 groomies plus the jack and lucy! haha so I am gonna b on a ban til decemeber as well! The utah is gorgeous, but didn't it surprise u how small it was? I thought it was gonna be much bigger. I can't decide between the wichita or omaha (thats it right?) Can we see more pics of that beauty when u get more time? I also want the damier geant mage (unisex right?) and a keepall in damier, haha thats my list for now! I guess I'll get the three bags in december. But these for now!
  12. beautiful purchases!!! if that was me, i'll be banned for more than 2 weeks, more like 2 years i think :smile: thanks for sharing!! :smile:
  13. I had a choice of the Wichita and the Omaha and I hated the Omaha! I didn't like how the main flap had a buckle on it, I loved the structure of the Wichita cause of the main compartment with the little buckles on the front. I find it to be a reasonably sized bag (I'm 5'11" by the way) and it looks "right" on me. It's definately bigger than the bosphore messenger I got and almost the size of the large reporter. Would you like me to post those pics on this thread or elsewhere? I'll try and do it tomorrow, getting ready for bed right now. Also which size keepall are you getting? I got the 55 in damier with a strap and have yet to use it cause I also got the pegase 60 and I LOVE it. The next messenger I'm considering is the Saumur XL in the mini lin, I tried it on today and it was pretty big, but it would be GREAT for school!
  14. What a fabulous stash!...congrats. Good luck on your banishment?!
  15. Congrats Posh! If you're on a ban...come and join the rest of us...we started a support group to get each other through the lousiness of a ban! LOL