LV Ballerina's - how do you find them???

  1. I'm going to London soon on a Vuitton hunt, actually it's for BF mostly there is never anything for him at our store so we are hitting the big one's.
    Anyway I've been thinking about what to wear (& of course what bag to take) for my trip (LOL totally planning ahead aren't I sad).

    Anyway I was planning on wearing my Gucci Heels as they are totally comfortable but even so my feet are going to wreaked by the end of the day so (finally getting to the point..) SO I was thinking maybe I need a pair of Balerina's for long shopping days etc.

    Does anyone have any LV ballerina style shoe's and are they comfy?? Pic's are appreciated.

    Or would Chanel be a better option (GASP!! Everyone OK nobody fainted????)
  2. LOL! I didnt faint i'm good
    I heard the Chanels flats are ment to be really comfortable!
    I'm really not sure about the Lv flats though sorry
    Oh and sorta off topic which Gucci heals have you got ?
    Have fun in London!!! :smile:
  3. LV has a boat load of ballerina shoes!
  4. KaiieChanel - they are the Guccissma black heels, classic but gorgeous I have worn them to death but they still look great
  5. here are a few pics there are some patchwork one's too but I don't know if they'd be dificult to wear especially with jeans
    Bal 1.jpg Bal 2.jpg bal 3.jpg
  6. Oo i like the 1st one and the mono one :smile:
  7. I LOVE the Esterelle Ballerina in Brocade Fabric (not pictures but on
  8. UUMMM not so sure about those Matt, but I will reserve judgement until I see IRL
    bal 4.jpg
  9. OOO forgot to say the pink one's in middle come in cream but the pic won't show, I think cream would be nice
  10. nobody has any Ballerina's :shrugs:
  11. i think yeux has! There are the mini mono in black i think? They are soo pretty but i love the leather ones! Tried them on at the boutique an were soo comfy! But i wreck my shoes soo quickly! So i would never buy a pair of Louis! xx
  12. I'm getting the denim ones probably tomorrow or Saturday (depending on when they come in). I tried them on in the store in a bit smaller size and even then, they were really comfy. They're these ones:

    Chanels are also nice too. I have the black/black Cambons and love them (though they're discontinued now) and my mom has a bunch of the ones with the toe cap (i.e. black leather on the outside, toe cap in black patent leather, bronze/gold, etc.)
  13. oohh I wore my older LV ballerina's to pieces before I knew about TPF. otherwise I would post a pic!
  14. The LV ones are cute but I really like the Chanel ones! They're super comfy too!
  15. Label, I have both Chanel and LV ballerinas. The Chanel are a little more comfy because the leather is like butter and my LV's are like the cream ones you showed above. However, I wear my LV's at least once a week, they are also super comfortable and I live in a city and walk all over the place in them, never a problem. I also love to wear both of them with jeans, they look great when they are the showpiece of the outfit!