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  1. Hi,

    I am new to this forum, I am very excited in the next couple of weeks I am looking to buy one or two LV bags. My problem being, which ones. I am looking for an over the shoulder day to day and a purse for night. I want to get one that won't outdate. Any ideas, I would be very grateful.

    Thansk tiff09:smile:
  2. Neverfull mm/gm damier/monogram
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  4. I second on the Batignolles Horizontal.

    I also suggest the Popincourt Haut and the Damier Saleya PM.

    Welcome to tPF btw! ;)
  5. I have the Palermo PM for an everyday bag and I love it!!!!
  6. Cabas Piano or Popincourt Haute!
  7. Thanks for all your replies. I quite love Popincourt Haut just beautiful the other one is also neverfull mm/gm too. Just one other questions what are your views about Galleria or Speedy Azur?

  8. I would go speedy before azur.
  9. oops too much champagne...I would take the galleria before the azure...for me, a monogram has to be your first piece!
  10. A speedy and a tivoli gm
  11. I like the Saleya Damier for everyday and Madeleine PM in black for night.
  12. shoulder bag: BH or neverfull
    Night: vernis sunset or MC pochette
  13. Definitely BH or Damier Chelsea.
  14. Welcome to the forum!! :biggrin:

    The reviews on the speedy azur are mad! Any reviews on the speedy is BA-BOOM! hahaha. So, that's a must have bag! That will rest your fears of a bag becoming outdated. And i also agree with you liking the's a REALLY nice shoulder bag and you'll appreciate it very much over the batignolles b/c it has a top zip closure. A peace of mind is something you'd greatly appreciate over the years. I've never really been much of a fan of the Galleria....but if you like it, just like many purse forum members here would say, go get it!! Whatever floats your boat. Please be sure to update us on what you plan to get, we'd LOVE to know!

    Welcome once again!!
  15. Welcome to the forum!! I'm going to suggest Tivoli & Speedy Azur. They are the most versatile and should cover the majority of your purse carrying needs. That is until you can get even more LV! Good luck with your decision and please let us know what you actually purchase.