Lv bags under $700?

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  1. Ok ive got a budget for my birthday ( im a teen but i dont want to say my age!) and im clueless to what i want! i do have preference of shoulder bags but will buy a hand held if i love it lol!
  2. How about a Neverfull?
  3. A Speedy 25 or 30??
  4. The regular batignolles. Although, most people 1st bag is a Speedy.
  5. Definitely go for a Speedy. It's such a functional and lovely classic.
  6. A teen? Hmm.. Batignolles or Neverfull ! Speedies + School just doesnt fit
  7. Recital is a gorgeous bag and easy to use.
    Batignolles is pretty, but has an open top.
    Papillon 26 is an awesome bag.
    Speedy 25 is an option but a little bulky if you intend to take it to school.
    Neverfull is cute but very floppy/unstructured.
    Good luck! And, an early happy birthday to you. Can't wait to see what you get.
  8. As a teen you should look at the

    Monty) Its big enough that it will hold your school books through school and college, totally vuitton.

    Eva) a cute going out bag.

    **should say am biased though - I love both of these bags.
  9. beverly
  10. speedy would be a good choice.
  11. Papillion would be perfect!!!
  12. thanks gals, im off to look at them online
  13. can i carry that on my shoulder?
  14. i don't think so..why have a budget if you already have an MC Alma which is like $1500++?