LV bags that come with cosmetics or little pouches

  1. What LV bags come with a little cosmetic or other type of pouch? I'm hoping to kill two birds with one stone ;)

  2. just the bucket but most have a D-ring inside to attatch a pochette to
  3. doesnt the papillon 30 come with one too? i thought i just saw one
  4. Besides the Monogram Bucket bags, The Monogram Papillon 30 and the Epi Soufflot also come with matching little pochettes. You can see pics of this if you do a seach on
  5. ^^^ It comes with like a little tiny papillon, like a baby papillon. I dont know the name of it.
  6. oh so cute! and those are the only ones?
  7. The MC Aurelia also comes with an alcantra cosmetic pouch.
  8. aw, i always forget about that cute little baby pap
  9. Hahhaa I have exactly the same idea, and this is one of the major reasons why a Bucket and the Pap 30 are on my wishlist! In both cases I'm going to get Damier as I love the red lining - it looks especially amazing showing at the top inside of the bucket bag.

    The baby Papillon that comes with it's Mama bag is so cute, too. :tender: A Damier Papillon 30 is definitely going to be my next LV bag.
  10. I was thinking of the damier papillon 30 too, but they're not on eluxury? Can I find it at the stores?
  11. Only the Monogram and Ebene Damier Papillon 30's come with the smaller Papillon pouch.
  12. What is the Ebene damier?
  13. Ebene Damier is the dark brown/light brown checkerboard print. Sometimes it's just called Damier since it was out before the Azur Damier.

    Azur Damier (or Damier Azur) is the light blue/white checkerboard print.
  14. I think the damier Manosque comes with a baby manosque.
  15. omg the baby manosque is the cutest thing I've ever seen! not sure if i love the big version as much actually!