LV bags/stuff designed by Marc

  1. How do you know which products are designed or inspired or done exclusively by Marc?

    I noticed some sellers claiming that certain products were designed by Marc....

    Anyway, is there a list or certain traits that could be claimed as Marc's LV signature?

  2. He was hired in 2001 as the creative director for LV... with my knowledge, everything except for a FEW minor things are all Marc Jacobs.
  3. Did he do the Grafitti? I can never remember.
  4. Well he collaborated with another designer for that line, same with the MC and now the up and coming S/S 08 collection...
  5. basically every new item that came out after 2001 is done by MJ, but I personally don't think he designed everything down to the very last bit of detail, I think the general design is by him, or inspired by him, then the rest is off to other designers. Finally, after a complete sketch, MJ must approve of the design in general. However, most likely the LE items have more of his flavor than the other designers.

    To me, some of MJ's characteristics are in the clasps, buttons, and pockets. Recently, LV's been into the pleated look too.
  6. well sometimes is quite easy to notice
    check out his own brand "Marc Jacobs" and he has many things very very smilar I guess those are his 100% own designs
  7. That was Stephen Sprouse. :yes:

    Also actually, Marc joined in 1998 because that was when he created the Vernis line, which debuted then (see the timeline on the LV site).
  8. Agree. The LV Manhattan bag looks very similar to the Marc Jacobs Venetian bag.
  9. Marc Jacobs is the overall creative director of LV. every new item - be it permanent collection, runway or LE - gets the final approval by MJ. he's got a design team who conjures up new styles based on the look/feel/theme MJ has chosen for the season. so yes, everything they churn out, he's got a hand in it.
  10. ^
    Except men's line at least for the past two seasons... I can't remember who does it, but I'm not very fond of his/her designs..
  11. its Paul Helbers. but im sure MJ still gives the final OK. he's always had a men's design team. but this time, he's given Helbers most of the credit and i actually like what i see.
  12. thanks for the correction!
  13. Exactly..

    MJ doesn't sit down and design every piece, I think there are a lot of misconceptions by some (not necessarily here) that he does.. He chooses the themes/inspirations/etc and ultimately approves everything.. There is a team of designers though.

    I actually have an article that showcases LV's design team and they're all photographed with LV. Great article :love: I can try to find it for those who are interested.
  14. No problem. :heart:
  15. is it the one on the rooftop? i've been looking for that photo for the longest time. i should've saved that page in the first place. i do hope you find it.