LV bags - starting price and the price they go up to

  1. How much does a LV bag normally start at and how much will they increase to? It can be any bag as long as you remember the price of when they started and how much they are or can go up to.

    Like the epi leather speedy 30, did it start at $890? It already went up $40. How much do you think the speedy will increase up to by next year or later on?
  2. i bought a mono speedy 30 in 1998 and it was in the $300s (too lazy to dig up the receipt) and now it's $620. talk about the price going up!
  3. <----- i remember when the pochette accesoires were only $ they are $285 !!
  4. The Damier Alma....3 yrs 900

    Navaglio...4 yrs 915

    Damier Marais...3 yrs 925

  5. this thread is depressing... LOL!
    well at least we'd know that in a few years, the bags we have now will like... triple in price lol
  6. Yes, it was my 2nd ever LV bag. I got it in 99 and that's exactly how much I paid for it, 140!!!

    I also got my Petite Bucket, Pap 26, Musette Tango, Vavin PM, and Mini Looping in the 500 dollar price range years ago.
  7. LOL that is so frustrating... I wish I started buying LVs when I was in university (early 90s), they were so well priced.

    I agree this is depressing.
  8. Wow, I didn't know Speedys have gone up that much! Always thought they were pretty reasonably priced compared to other bags.

    Makes me want to just buy a couple bags as backups, lol.
  9. musette salsa 11/2000 $380 today, salsa with long strap is $740, so im guessing the salsa with a regular strap is about $40-50 less.
    noe was $530 in 2000. today its $940.
    mini looping was $525 in 2003 today its $760
    compact zip wallet was $300 in 2000, today its $500
    poche clef was $125 in 2004, today its $150
    keyholder (6) was $130 in 2000, today i think its $180?
    poch pte monnaie credit was $265 in 2000 today i think its $495.
    this is the best... the mini hl was $350 two weeks ago, now, its $375... i couldn't find the other receipts for my purses, the ones above were the pnly receipts i could find.
  10. Wow the prices go up so much.
  11. I bought my Speedy 35 in 2004 for $580. It is now $645.
  12. ^^^Correction. I bought my 35 in 05'
  13. i agree~ :p
  14. I totally agree. Sounds like if my kids would get LV bags as inheritance from me. Lol :push:
  15. MC speedy 2003 for $1500 now its $2000