LV bags in the USA vs Canada

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  1. Hi all,
    I hope I can ask this question here, hoping canadians and US of A
    people can help me out...

    I am from Canada but will know someone and hopefully myself
    included .. will be making some trips over to the U.S ....

    Now budget wise is it better to buy my LVs at home (in canada)
    or in the USA.... which ones comes out cheaper ??

    or does it not matter .. all pricing will be the same (of course taking into account the exchange rate!)
    TIA to all LV lovers....
  2. i thought canadians pay more?
  3. I would love to know this also??

    Can anyone confirm ...

    Has anyone ever compared the prices between cdn and u.s.a. stores ??
  4. i'm just going off the exchange rate...for example, my LV Duomo cost $1200 US Canadian dollars that would be about $ it seems Canadians pay more...but maybe a Canadian (or someone w/more experience) can help you better.
  5. thanks for your help !
    but on top of your 1200.00, do you not have to pay taxes ??
  6. Canadians pay more, as we just have that much more taxes.

    Before the price increase, it was 540$ USD for a Speedy 25, and 660$ CAD. With 8% tax on the American priced Speedy (I think that's NY tax ?), that's 583.20$ USD, or 672.35 CAD according to XE as of right now. So.. do you see the big difference ?
  7. I'm so glad I live in Alberta. We only pay GST. None of this PST + GST = %15 in BC!! That's just insane! And hopefully Harper pulls through with his promise...5% GST will just make me happier.
  8. It's cheapest in France so if you have any friends there......... V
  9. My friend is going next week.. and he's been given specific instructions on what to get from the Champs Elysee store ! ;)

    Too bad it's just a birthday present for my brother.. but I can't believe the difference. For the 9 cc billfold, after the conversion it's about 240$ CAD, and it sells for 240$ USD + tax on elux !! So it would have been even more in Canada ! :Push:
  10. I guess one obvious tip is to buy from an LV store located in
    a state that has low sales tax as opposed to a state that
    has a higher sales tax ??

    Another question...
    are the LV bags cheapest in France .... why ??
  11. I believe (but correct me if I'm wrong !) that it's pretty much the same for all countries using the Euro (e.g. the Euro pricing).

    And it's cheapest.. because it's Louis' land ! ;)
    (no idea.. hey, at least it's not Asia where there are massive, massive markups and it's cheaper for resale people to just make periodic trips over to France and buy bags !)