LV bags for school!

  1. What is a good LV bag for someone who wants to use it for school (in this case, university)?
    Obviously, it would need ample room and durability, but at the same time I would not want something too flashy with logos that scream LV and it should also be good with casual clothes..

    Any ideas???
  2. Broadway
  3. damier saleya mm?
  4. something in Damier then :yes:





    Saleya MM


    Musette (if you like messenger bags)

  5. I'd say
    [​IMG] in either the pm or mm


    [​IMG] mm or
  6. Definitely something Damier.
    Personally, I use the Cabas Mezzo, but that has a lot of logos..
  7. i love the damier chelsea
  8. damier chelsea
    damier bastille or it's mono counterpart
    damier geant messager
    antigua cabas GM (not the MM, too small for school!)
  9. Damier Chelsea-its wonderful, low maintenance and large!
  10. I was looking for the same thing, and now I have narrowed down my choices to either the Damier or something from the Antigua line.
  11. I would choose the Damier Saleya or the Chelsea because they both have zipped tops and can be carried over the shoulder. They are also more durable than the Canvas and can be used all year versus the Antigua which you can't use in rain or snow as much.
  12. i do agree that the chelsea would be a good choice, but the saleya handles are very uncomfortable on the shoulder...they are rolled where the chelsea handles are flat.

    i disagree...i use my antigua in the rain ALL the time...I have yet to have a problem with it all. I only turn it inside because I don't want my luggage tag/panda to get water spots. Otherwise, it's my LV go to "rain bag" next to the speedy.
  13. I use the Damier Olav MM (I think it's unisex, hopefully, because I have one) and my boyfriend uses the Damier Bastille. I like my Olav, I keep pens and accessories in the two side pockets and I can fit a notebook and a book in the large compartment. I think it's perfect for me since I'm only 5'4". It's really cute too!
  14. Oooh, thanks all! I'm liking the damier and antigua ideas!
    I like the Parioli's look but it has no zipper :sad: and the name is like a cross between "Paris" and "ravioli"..
    I know less about the antigua, but since you said it's good in rain, then it should be fine in snow too..
    I did some quick searching and saw a LV Cup (brown/black? with white straps) antigua Besace PM that looked cute, cause it came with a yellow dumpling lock. Is $700 too much to pay though?

    I am going to check more pictures and details about the Saleya and Olav now! Or are the rolled handles of the Saleya not worth bothering with?
  15. I'm hoping that my Batignolles H will hold up well once uni. starts (in two weeks! NOOOOOOOO!!!! cuz it means the end of LV purchases for another 8months !!!! lol), but after carrying it twice during the summer, I feel like it doesn't have enough room......So i'm really hoping that I won't be loaded with work which is probably another dream cuz i"m in Medicine. Thus, right now, I think the Antigua GM/MM would be a GREAT choice, not too flashy, durable, washable (?) and SLAMMABLE! haha YES, a school bag should be banged around....