LV bags DO hold their value!

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  1. In 2003, I purchased a gently used LV bag. After being inspired by other tPFers who say they sell the bags that just sit in their closet, I decided to sell the bag.

    Well, today I sold the bag for the same price I bought it for six years ago! Hubby was very surprised/happy.

    Amazing! It just goes to show how high quality bags like LV will always be in demand.

    I think I'll put the money back in my LV wish list fund. ;)
  2. mm i dont think that happens for the logo speedies, they really decrease their value ALOT!! just look for it on ebay :sad:
  3. Which model did you buy?
  4. woah, that's cool! congrats and hope to see future purchases! btw which bag was it that you sold?
  5. I sold a mini looping. It was a cute bag (but the shoulder strap KILLED me!).

    I know they are discontinued now, so maybe that's why I was able to make my money back on it.

    Kenka, I think you're right about the speedies. When I get my speedy, I think I'll probably hold onto it for life. :smile:
  6. This is one of the many reasons I stick with this brand !!
  7. not that i plan on selling ANY of my bags but how do you no which ones hold $$ and which ones dont?
  8. wow that's awesome! so true though. They all hold good value! good for you!
  9. good for you! :woohoo:
  10. wow, but I personally wish they did not hold their value so I could get bargain second hand.
  11. Hello,
    This is a very interesting thread.

    Personally - I think the following is true -
    LV is not an investment like shares, bonds, houses.... LV is an investment in yourself and the dividends are enjoyment, pride and your self worth. If you get your money back on an item after using it for a few years - YOU ARE VERY FORTUNATE!

    If you want to make money - invest in shares, bonds, managed funds (mind you - I have lost alot of money recently this way!)

    Quality items will always hold there own - anything expensive will generally be valuable in the future. eg. Patek Philippe watches, Hermes items and of course Louis Vuitton.

    Obviously the condition and desirability and usability is very important.

    Unfortunately I have seen alot of "PROFESSIONAL FAKES" on ebay lately. These are items which are almost perfect copies. The item I saw was a Monogram Keepall - it was a perfect copy. Unfortunately this type of item has resulted in the Monogram Keepall market falling significantly.

    This is not good - as many people have fake items which they paid good money for.

    OK - that is the bad side of buying used.... HOWEVER there is a plus side....

    If you buy all your pieces used (and they are genuine)..... you can realistically use them for a few years.... and get your money back. So it cost nothing! Obviously money invested would earn interest (which you would miss out on).

    Personally I buy NEW and USED pieces. I really enjoy going to the LV store and picking an item I love..... I love the wrapping.... I love the service and I love the way it makes me feel.

    I also buy some pieces on the secondary market...... these are often pieces which are not avilable new (discontinued lines - discontinued colors). I just bought a red epi keepall - it is not available new (the red is different to the original epi red).

    Kind regards.
  12. For me, I think a limited edition is a good investment... provided you must not use it and keep it in a brand new condition. I bought a Mini Lin Croisette Speedy(rouge) at USD 750 one and half year ago. A few weeks ago, there was a 2nd hand shop dealer who offered me USD 1125 for this speedy. That means I can earn a 50% profit on this bag if I sell it !
  13. that hwy love LV...

  14. Probably the discontinued or LE ones will hold their value (provided the condition is not crappy!)
  15. LVs hold their value for a few of reasons;
    1) Heritage. The company is one of the oldest luxury brands around.
    2) They only sell through their own boutiques. They do not offer them through other department stores or dealers.
    3) LVs never go on sale. As much as I love other brands like Gucci and Burberry, they go on sale. While other brands offer exquisite products, this technically means that their items arent really worth what they were sold for originally. While prices are marked up at LV, by not having sales they ensure that their products are always worth what you payed for them.

    The Speedy is common and one of the cheapter LV's. It can also show wear and tear depending on how you treat it. However, other items like LE's or items with discontinued colors should garner at least their original retail value regardless even of the condition in some cases. Depending on the item and availability Im sure someone could actually make a profit on some pieces.

    It really is a great brand!