LV bags, bags, bags!!

  1. here is another cool site to share.... again, it's japanese site (sorry!) but it's somewhat helpful....

    click on any pics that you like (the writing in the middle are names of all bags in japanese charactor order... you can also click on and on until you find the one you like!! or you can write me and i can help - when my baby is sleeping...!:cutesy: )

    keep clicking on pictures, most of them are from different stores and auction sites comparing the prices. sometimes you come across site like this ---

    then........ :nuts: wow, that's a long one!! <--- manh. GM

    and give you some detail on the bag. :P
  2. Thanks for sharing,

    what kind of website Rakuten ? is it auction?? or store. I notoced some of the bags are used. Is there any way tat we can see the english version??
  3. thanks! can i ask if those LV bags on the website are authentic?
  4. rakuten is like japanese ebay,,,, big auction site. i can't seem to find english version of it and yes, some of them are used. but what you find there are all real stuff.....;)

    at least you can see some of the details of the bags, so i thought i'd share with you! sometimes eluxury's detail pictures aren't
  5. wow... thanks sophia :P
  6. I love the site! I don't mind that it isn't in English. They really zoom in on each bag's details. Cool... Thanks Sophia!
  7. You and your useful sites. =)

    Thanks again sophia!
  8. Then why is the one and only girl modeling for all the LV bags on that site? :wtf: Makes me wonder...
    Like does the US eBay also have someone modeling for them? :rolleyes:

    Some time ago they had tons of fake-looking Hermès and Chanel Cambon bags on that site. They had the store in English back then, but I cannot find the language selector anymore.
  9. just like ebay, there are stores that sells fakes.... i just listed the ones that sell auth --- well, i quoted from trustworthy places, after carefully reading them. i'm sure you'll find the english stores when you look more! good luck!'re welcome to u all! :P