LV Bags and What They Symbolize To YOU


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Jul 22, 2012
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I was just thinking...

I have had my Neverfull GM since October. And I keep it on the console by my door, and I always see it when I'm sitting on my couch. I always find myself staring at it. Its my 3rd LV, and my biggest LV. I'm so proud that I was able to buy one. I worked very hard. Not just for the bag, but in general. I'm a hard worker even if there is no material thing in my mind to buy at the time.

But staring at the bag makes me feel proud to carry it, not only because it's a beautiful example of a fine crafted bag that will last for decades, or because it is a symbol of wealth (I'm not wealthy, but I'm comfortable at the moment due to my very hard work!), or because alot of people envy the bags.

I feel proud because I did it all myself. I bought something that was always in pop culture "reserved for the rich". And I got one! Well, I got 3. My first one I got when I was 20 and I was so excited, I took it everywhere! Still take it out 13 years later. In fact, I'm taking it out to dinner with the girls tomorrow night (monogram pochette used as a clutch). I'm proud to carry my LVs not because people think I'm rich (they're so wrong!) but because I know what I had to do to afford those bags and still pay my bills a nd obligations.

My LV bags symbolize pride, and hard work, resulting in something beautiful to carry around as a result. Alot of people give me crap for having LV bags, but I know that I work alot harder than the people giving me the crap.

Nevertheless I still am so grateful that I was able to work 2 jobs, for so long and got to enjoy life more, and carry these beautiful bags.

There's really no point to this post. I just wanted to say it. On Facebook, I would just get criticized. Here, I feel like alot of people can relate to my words. :smile:
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May 14, 2012
Los Angeles
Enjoy it!! I loved reading your post and how much your bags mean to you. I feel that way too about my bags. I am proud of my accomplishments to have the means to acquire them.


Jan 12, 2013
Loved this post. I feel the same way. I hate that some think I'm materialistic because I spend all this money on my purses. But that's it. They are MY purses. No one knows how much i or my hubby make and it's no ones business but our own how we choose to spend our money. I, too, feel happy carrying my purses and knowing I paid for them by working hard.
Enjoy them and carry on!!


Mar 22, 2012
There is a point. A very good point. And you put it so beautifully. That was so very well said and I enjoyed reading it. I feel the same way. I or my family are no where near rich. But we work very hard and there is nothing wrong with enjoying the rewards of that hard work. I agree, a lot (if not all) of the wonderful people hear work hard for their bags and can relate. It's nice to have a place where you can go and express your feelings and be supported. Thank you for sharing.


Jul 14, 2012
Texas <3
I hear ya! I feel the same way! I enjoy my bags and my husband works hard for us so we can have nice things.
Congrats on your hard work and enjoying what you worked so hard to acquire. XOXO


May 15, 2007
I hear you. Makes you appreciate life so much more that we are able to afford these.
And thus live life to the fullest, with our LVs in hand:smile:


May 1, 2012
I agree wholeheartedly. I'm about to purchase my first bag in June to celebrate my 21st and after years of working and saving up money for tuition and a rainy day, I finally get to purchase my first premier designer bag and I think this sums it up really nicely :yes:


Jul 14, 2012
Texas <3
I agree wholeheartedly. I'm about to purchase my first bag in June to celebrate my 21st and after years of working and saving up money for tuition and a rainy day, I finally get to purchase my first premier designer bag and I think this sums it up really nicely :yes:
Wooohoooo!!! Please share it with us! What are you thinking of purchasing for First LV?:yahoo::woohoo::yahoo::woohoo:


May 6, 2012
Good Job! I feel for you. That's why I love my bags to bits because I work hard for all of it. In the end of the day, it's an accomplishment. Keep your head up high! I would also like to take this opportunity to say how thankful I am with my TPF Family since in here there is no judgement and an we have a common groudn and that is LVOEly bag.


Oct 6, 2011
Sierra Nevada Mountains CA
I like knowing that I have something that for years, people have crafted to be beautiful and special. Something that not only I, but other people also, really do know is special, if they didn't, they would not be constantly trying to imitate it. They can imitate, but they can't duplicate. No matter what people say to you about your bags, they know they are special too, otherwise, they would feel no need to comment. I know that a person carrying a fake LV on their arm does not have the same feeling that I do....... carrying something whose pattern developed over 100 years ago, and whose maker has been crafting desired handbags since before my grandmother's generation.

I also wear Chanel No 5. Not always, but it is my signature scent. The history behind the perfume, the image of Coco filling her German lover's bag with bottles of No 5 as he fled France when the war was over, so he would have something to trade to get food, shelter and to get home........that is the kind of history that makes something so special to me.

Does anyone ever imagine Louis Vuitton leaving home at age 14 without shoes, it taking him two years to get to Paris, and then how he apprenticed, learning to make trunks, how he made a unique stackable trunk that nobody else had ever created? Does anyone think about how long ago that was? 150 years! That is something to be proud should never be ashamed to carry your LV bag in front of anyone!

Speaking of Coco, any of you who know her you think she would ever apologize for wearing a LV handbag, or anything? Do you think she would ever *not* wear anything because she was worried about what other people thought of her? Uh no, that is how she got famous eventually. We could all take a lesson from Coco, I notice a lot of people on here who love Coco and Chanel.......don't forget who she really was. Don't ever be ashamed to be who you are.