LV bags and matched shoes! *PICS, pls~*

  1. I guess I should post this thread in the clubhouse.

    I saw the thread "Show Me Your Bbags-With your favorite shoes" in Balenciaga froum, and attracted by those pics. So I think we can have a thread like that here.

    Who wanna be the first to post? :graucho: (it also could be LV shoes and matched bags as long as you think they look good together)
  2. Matching items
    mc black.jpg 142-4242_IMG.JPG blue denim.jpg 142-4248_IMG.JPG
  3. Lol will do some tomorrow when it's light, but I have black and white MC shoes that match my MC bags. And my denim flats don't match anything but my Cles right now. Heh.
  4. Here is my Azur speedy 30 & nike sneaker.
    I just realize that my Azur speedy has grown the patina...looks nice, IMO!
    (I had only taken it out for 3 days, but those 3 days were really sunny in Chicago.)
    Anyways, I can't believe that I was selling it. :amazed:

  5. They are not really matched, but I think they look good together. Mono Twin Pochette & Coach shoes!

  6. I found these inexpensive shoes ($130.00) that are an exact match with Pomme Vernis.
  7. I love all my azur pieces, they're so pretty!! (but the shoes are but difficult to wear, so like many I only wear them when I am not walking around, or to a quick in and out pedicure).
  8. ^^How cool to revive this thread. :tup:
  9. Recycled pics but here's my matching set:

  10. ^^^ nice damier ebene bag/shoes
  11. wow great it's up again...hope this time get more pics here....
  12. here's Monogram Laser set:


    Vence sneakers:
  13. Mono Bequia PDV and Zephyr sneakers:


    they're not an exact match but i think they look so good together. plus they're both from F/W 2007. i love them!