lv bags and a 5'2" model....

  1. i want to take her home and feed her a bit. every bag is bigger than she is. except for the mini pap which probably would be perfect
  2. This is cool! But I can't read what size speedy she is carrying! =T
  3. I like that page -- I found it a few days ago by googling vuitton looping just to see if I could find a photo of someone holding one. Was very pleased when I found this page!
  4. its a speedy 30 :smile:
  5. Wow, that is sooo helpful!!!

    I like the Deauville and the Medium Looping on her! Oh no........
  6. Thank you so much! It looks REALLY big on her. Maybe cause shes so skinny.
  7. Thank you. This was helpful since I'm only 5':sad:
  8. That is a really handy site. It is really helpful to see what the bags look like on an actual model.
  9. i love this site. it has many pictures of new items in various views
  11. wow, most of the bags do looks really huge on her. LOL! thanks for the link! :smile:
  12. Great site, thanks for posting.
  13. Great post! Thanks so much! What is the red one on the far right after all of the monograms? Epi Alma? I think I need that bag!
  14. Do you mean this one? That's the only red bag I see :wlae:

    That's Vernis Sutton! :yes: