LV Baggy GM..

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  1. My sistet in law came to visit yesteday and she brought her new LV bag with her..

    its the baggy GM..

    I went like :nuts:
    And wanted to share my thoughts with u :smile:

    (i am not getting it or anything.. planning for a coach gallery tote next week.. but just wanted to blab about this one :lol: looooooool)

    I loved it on her.. and i examined it well (she was busy with her crying baby :cry: and i got to cary the bag :lol: )..
    i thought the color and shape was lovely sporty..
    but as someone said here before.. u got to be careful with what to wear with such a denim.. it can be tricky sometimes and overwhelmingly controlling!

    what i didnt like though was: it takes the shape of things u put.. (thats something i dont like about bags anymore.. i want them to stand out and control me with their stubborn shape!!) << just a personal opinion..:P

    another thing i didnt like.. is the usage of gold metal.. (i always prefer silver!) specially with such a lovely denim color!!:love:

    All in all.. if i had saw the pic in their site before.. i wouldnt have liked it this much now that i have seen it with her :biggrin:

    share ur thoughts..:amuse:

    //sorry about my horrible spelling!:wacko:

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  2. I have this bag with the longer strap and it is a good casual bag. I am not THAT careful with it and it has lasted really well. This will be released in pink & green denim too (but I prefer the blue denim):biggrin:
  3. I prefer it in the PM size, it's such a nice, slouchy bag, and it does get away from the more structured traditional Louis Vuitton shapes.
  4. Question about the zipper pockets , are they deep or shallow? I like large pockets for important papers, etc.

  5. This is a cute bag but I don't think I could pull it off. I prefer the PM version like ayla :biggrin:
  6. shalomjude

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts :amuse:

    mmm.. lets see.. i remember she had that zipper pocket open all visit long.. as her mobile kept ringing in thier!! i was the one who'd grap the cell phone from that pocket and give it to her..
    as far as I remember.. i dont think its soooo deep.. but even if it was.. i believe you cant really trust the shape for important papers unless if they were secured in a hard thin file or something.

    if u had any further questions..i'd be glad to ring her and ask :smile:

    and you are welcome any time:biggrin:
  7. Thanks so much for the reply! :biggrin:
  8. I have the PM. It is a great bag & I love it. I had seen photos and had absolutely no interest in this bag at all. Then I went to LV for repairs on anothe bag I have and I saw the denim baggy PM and my opinion of it did a 360! You can fit a lot in this bag and it is made very well. I love the shiney brass trim. Here's the BUT--- I would not choose this LV bag if this was the only LV bag I was going to own. It's casual. It doesn't go with everything. But if you collect bags it's a great addition. I'm leaving on a tropical trip tomorrow and the denim is the bag I'll be using. There is plenty of room for all my stuff plus a small bottle of water and a camera.
  9. I just ordered this bag today, GM in pink. I am not that tall, 5.4, so I hope it is not too big for me. I tried to get the PM but it was sold out in pink. I always go with darker colors so I thought I should be daring!:yes:
  10. im not sure how it would look on me and i agree that the structure is so floppy