Lv Baggy Gm Or Pm?? Advice Please!

  1. Hi Everyone:

    I am new to LV and want to buy either a Baggy GM or PM. I would like to get the opinon of you great PF members. I am 5'1" and I carry a normal amount of stuff with me. (wallet, sunglasses, reading glasses, phone, keys, etc...). Which size Baggy do you think would be better for me?

    Thanks so much!!:heart:

  2. Generally I prefer the Pm it's a good size and quite spacious also you can get the longer strap to wear it messenger style I think the GM doesn't look quite right messenger style
  3. Pm is just the right size for you. GM might look too big esp with your height. I'm 5'4" and the PM looks perfect. I tried the GM and it looked funny on me.:push: You can also fit a lot of stuff with the PM, the usual everyday stuff.

    you can always visit the nearest store for you to compare sizes. Goodluck!;)
  4. I usually like the larger bags better, but with your height, the PM may look better. I think you should go to the store and just try them on to see for yourself what looks and feels better.
  5. Pm!
  6. (Did I say better enough times?!!?) LOL
  7. I have the pink GM and I love it. It holds and lot and still hangs easily on the shoulder.
    I only wear it with the normal strap it comes with - if you're shorter ( which I am) I find the long strap doesn't look very nice.
    Which colour are you thinking of getting?:graucho:
  8. I have the PM and am 5'2" and it's PERFECT for me!
  9. I am 5 feet and I have the PM. I thought I wanted the GM but when I tried it on the store it totally overpowered me. It looked really comical the bag was more than 1/2 my size!!!! I tall woman was wearing it in the store and it looked so fab on her.

    My PM holds a ton of stuff: wallet, phone, ipod, make up bag, small agenda, medecine box, key holder, cles.

    Try the GM on though, you may love it.
  10. I have a baggy PM and I think it is a great size.
  11. I think for you the PM
  12. PM!!

  13. Thanks so much to everyone for the great advice! I was leaning towards the PM, and after reading all of the responses, a PM it will be!! :yes: :smile:
  14. one more vote for the PM! love the size!
  15. Pm!