LV Bag You'd Pass On?

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  1. My question is what LV piece of heaven (bag) would you pass on to your children?

    What bag makes you think "would look amazing even in 20 years"?

    What colors, what style, just go on about it. I think I'd like to know what people are most attached to.
  2. officially pass on to my children?...... hmmm.... none, they'd have to earn for it and buy their own bags with their own money. They can take my bags after I die though, I don't think I'd be able to refuse them......:shrugs:

    hmmm 20 years is a long time... I don't even think I'd be into LV then....
  3. My monogram Speedy 30 and Keepall 55 are the only for sure things, because they are classics. My daughter (once I have her- lol) will hopefully inherit the same taste as me. I received a bunch of vintage Chanel, LV,Gucci, Pucci from my mom when I was 21 and it was the best present ever. (They all drowned in a basement flooding and it was extra painful because they once belonged to my mom).
  4. Ill take it all with me in my grave! :death::lol:
  5. Me too! I'm LV greedy :P.

  6. :lol: Same here.

    Borrowing is one thing but giving? Not a chance! :P
  7. If I have a daughter,I would definetly give her my entire collection with a doubt!
  8. If I don't ever have a daughter, my two nieces will get to split up my collection between them!
  9. Well I am just starting to collect pieces now so I don't have too much to begin with. But if and when I do have kids, I would have to agree with CEC.LV4eva. I work hard for the things that I have so they can do the same.
  10. As long as I feel she's the appropriate age, I would do the same.
  11. my future children will inherit my collection; i am especially kind and careful with my roxbury drive as i plan to pass it down the line.
  12. I have a daughter and she has a mini hl, she will have my Speedys of course one day...
  13. ^^ i saw a mommy/speedy and daughter/mini hl combo the other day and I wanted to scream with delight. it was the cutest thing ever. if/when i have a daughter, i'm going to buy a mini hl and put it away for about five years, then let her wear it. :smile: soooo cute!
  14. +2 :tup:

    There was no such thing as designer or luxury items in my household when I was growing up. Yea, there was an SKII present from a family friend once and the odd citizen watch but that was it. I'm earning my own money, spending and saving it wisely and bought my first luxury brand bag myself. It's a good lesson I'd like my future kids to learn.
  15. Speedy 25, hands down. I don't know why I love her so much-- I just do. Her patina is getting gorgeous.