LV bag which can hold my 13" apple laptop

  1. Hey all

    I've just received a laptop as a christmas gift and I'm just looking for an LV bag which can fit it nicely.

    My few choices:-

    1. Cabas Mezzo

    2. Bagtinnolles vertical

    3. Neverfull

    4. Piano

    Few questions, do you think the greit or the trevi damier can fit the 13" laptop nicely? I've tried getting the dimensions but as the bag measurements given are the largest at any given point so I've no idea if it can fit at the smallest dimension.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions....

  2. I would think the Neverfull MM mostly likely could. But I def know that the Passy GM would be able to, and well too given it's stronger exterior. You could always bring your laptop with you to the store to try it out :smile:
  3. my neverfull mm fits my 12 inch laptop n theres still alot of space left. ur 13 laptop should be able to fit in the neverfull mm. =D
  4. hmm, i'm not sure but I think the vernis Brentwood fits most laptops (that are on the small side)
  5. I was going to get the Neverfull for mine, but then I decided to get a Kate Spade instead. It's more durable and won't get damaged easily. I know that's like blasphemy in this forum but I'm really pissed off at LV right now.
  6. I would get the neverfull and ensure that you have a good sleeve to protect the mac:yes:
  7. ITA :tup:
  8. Ya same here, I would put my new laptop into my neverfull mm.
  9. Neverfull MM and Cabas Mezzo are great choices, maybe even Neverfull GM if you really want to carry a lot! I think Epi Passy will be too heavy with a laptop inside. But maybe that's just me, because I commute in the city with a lot of walking...
  10. Maybe you bring down your lappy to the LV store and try out with the bags. I am also looking for a LV bag for my lappy..and mine's 14.1" so it should be harder to find than urs :shrugs:
  11. i carry my laptop inside my neverfull GM that is after i put it in a sleeve of course
  12. what happened with lv jan :sad: :flowers: ?
  13. My 13-inch MacBook fits perfectly in my Neverfull MM. The laptop is quite heavy though and my shoulders hurt after a while.
  14. Thanks for the reply guys. I'm more or less decided on the cabas mezzo as it's more classic although I love the neverfull! Having said that, I'm also thinking of the damier trevi... anyone has the bag who can confirm if it can fit my laptop?

  15. ^^ I don't think the trevi will fit it plus you have to add the sleeve to the macbook too and it would get really heavy after a while as well:yes: