LV Bag Spa

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  1. #1 Jul 7, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2016
    Hi all, I learned that LV has introduced bag spa for their bags as Hermes does. Currently it's only available to high end HM, soft leather range and Mahina and empreinte as well. I am not sure does all SAs know about this or not but its call leather care service. I just sent my SC pm to service today, it will take from 2 weeks to a month. The service include touch up all corners, yes, if your corners has been rubbed against surfaces and fade in colour due to usage, they will re-dye them. Also I request the bag to be moisturised because I felt the leather is a bit dry, they also offer cleaning with the service. I payed $310 NZD which is around $180USD. I also asked about does the service includes re-dye any colour transferred bags but my SA is not sure about it, she will find out for me. Definitely great news, also if they can re-dye any colour transferred bags then I feel more safe to buy light colour leather bags and wear them crossbody!
  2. this is great news!
  3. Wow! really great new! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Thanks for the good information!
  5. That is good to know! For those of us that are a little adventurous, I have had very good results cleaning and conditioning my Chanel and LV's myself. I use products purchased from Lovinmybags and they worked very well I also use Apple leather cleaner conditioner too.. I have even brought a pre loved LV bag back to life using the cleaning cream and conditioner. I treat the vachetta leather immediately on my new bags to protect them from spotting and oils. I am a firm believer in preventative maintenance!
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  6. I also uses lovinmybag as well, they usually works great, however last time after I apply the most delicate series to my SC it left some white mark inside leather vein lines on the cobalt colour and I can't remove them using damp cloth. That's why I took it to LV doing service today, they think they can remove them and apply moisturiser as well. For the less expensive bags I own such as epi and empreinte I think I will just continue to do it myself anyway, but I probably don't want to risk with the more expensive ones especially my HM bag. Also it's good to know that if I messed up using lovinmybag products I can always go to LV for help because Hermes will refuse them if you try to use anything other than their service.
  7. glad that LV is now offering this service....
  8. LittleDesigner, the problem you described can happen if too much product is applied to areas where stitching and creases occur and dries before buffed out. I have used a very soft damped toothbrush to remove this residue. Hope LV can make your bag like new again!
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  9. That is very good news, and a long time coming. Great to know you have their support in maintaining your investments.
  10. Thank you so much for letting me know! Can definitely try this next time!
  11. Gals, I also used my Lovinmybag vachetta protection right when I got the bag. But after a week, my vachetta at the edge of bottom (not the bottom) turns darker. Is it normal? I dont know what to do. I dont believe I make it dirty as I only bring it to work and she sits on my top desk all day for me to admire her. Should I buy cleaner to clean her or apply another vachetta protection layer? Thanks
  12. This is awesome news and this was bound to happen with the push for soft leather bags. Excellent! And $180 (ish) seems like a great price for this service!
  13. This is fantastic news!!! I was always a bit hesitant with the leather bags as they exp corner rubbing at times but now I'm considering all leather. Do they require a receipt?
    Damn it, now the new speedyb empriente 25 is back on my radar....
  14. This is, indeed, good news!
  15. Vachetta will get darker with use and expose to air and sun even if you apply protector. It's pretty normal.