LV bag/pouch question

  1. Does LV make a bag that can worn around the hip area? If so, what is it called?
  2. The Geronimos in Damier is a nice one.
  3. There are many, the one that the SAs are usually seen wearing is the "florentine".

    Then there's all those discontinued friends, like the epi rochelle, the vernis fulton. :yes:
  4. My SA always have it on her

    are you thinking about fanny pack?? (sp)
  5. Its the florentine!! i wanted to make sure because I wasn't sure if what I was seeing was real or
  6. I will be getting the florentine in 2 weeks. I think that it is so cute!! I am going to look up the other ones that were mentioned also but so far I love that florentine.
  7. ^^^ Oh remember that the belt and bag are sold seperately.. unfortunately. :sad:
  8. I saw it online. I like it
  9. hmm. i've seen it on an SA at the LV i go to too, coincidence?
  10. The pochette marelle can also be worn around the hip. The belt is included with the pochette for $500USD.
  11. Quacks why o why!!! I like the florentine but I love the shape of that marelle. Its about a hundred dollars more but WOW!
  12. Like what the others are mentioning the Florintine (you'll need to purchase the belt separately which attaches to the bag), Geronimos, Bosphore Bum Bag, Bum Bag Melville, Sioux (Utah)...
  13. I was originally going to buy the Florentine to wear around my waist but when I saw the about the same reaction you had there. I think you should definetly go for it if you're looking for a waist bag...even if you save that $100 by buying the Florentine, you might still regret not getting that Marelle.

    Good luck choosing =)
  14. I think it's part of the uniform...
  15. florentine's a bit small for me....