LV bag or Hermes scarf?

  1. Ignore my "I'm on a ban" signature hehe.
    Just a theoretical question...there are a few things I'm interested in but not sure which to get. I'm torn between an LV mini lin speedy, an LV Batignolles Horizontal and an Hermes scarf.
    I don't own any Hermes anything and I really want a scarf for Fall....however I just love buying bags and I'm obsessed with LV now.
    So what would you guys get? Keep in mind I won't be able to buy anything else for myself until after Christmas.

  2. DEFINITELY the bag!
  3. yeah....the bag for sure!!!!
  4. I don't know how anyone else can answer this for you..I would choose the scarf if those choices were up to me. If you find a scarf that you really like then get it because those bags will always be available while scarf designs change. If you don't like any of the designs for now then get a bag and wait for the right scarf to come along!
  5. I agree with kneehighz
  6. I think the decision is too individual - personally I've mostly grown out of my LV phase and would take an Hermes scarf if it was for me.
  7. I have an Hermes handpainted shawl (super large scarf), and it is absolutely gorgeous. I would go with the scarf!
  8. I have the LV BH and its one of the most versatile, perfect bags ever! Not to mention cute :smile: But then that's just me, I love LV. Which brand are you more a fan of, I guess....
  9. Man, knowing me, I'd get an H scarf and an LV bag! :rolleyes: I guess the question is, do you already have a scarf you can use for fall? I assume you already got nice bags! :supacool:
  10. Bag bag bag bag ! I love my Bh.
  11. Scarf
  12. Scarf. You can always get the bag anytime as they are around but that one scarf especially a special limited edition is fabulous. And the scarf designs change more frequently too and not a lot of people resell scarves.
  13. iIf it's just a"any " hermes scarf, wait and get the bag. Also you can get Hermes scarves cheaper by a reseller.
  14. Yikes this is tough...I don't own any scarves so I do want to get a Hermes scarf eventually. I was looking at the silk scarf with the H on it, the scarf with the kelly bags falling out of the carriage and the scarf with the women in the centre...sorry don't know names! hehe But the thought of a new LV bag just makes me so excited....I guess I will end up getting both eventually, I just won't be able to get them at the same time. Sigh, life is hard hehe
  15. I'd get the scarf first, simply becauyse the Hermes designs are seasonal whereas the mini lin speedy and the batignolles are permanent pieces.