LV Bag or Cartier Ring

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  1. Hi everyone! I’m new to the forum but thought I’d get opinions on an upcoming purchase. I’m saving up to treat myself and can’t decide between a few options. I’m just getting my designer collection started so right now I only have a Gucci Marmont Wallet on a chain bag in black.
    1) Louis Vuitton Neverfull in Monogram canvas, this would be my first LV bag.
    2) Cartier Love Ring. I think this is something I’d have forever but I am in university right now so I get super scared about losing jewelry, but I feel like it would be a better investment than a bag.
    3) Louis Vuitton Kirigami, cute for going out and obviously not as hard on the wallet.
    Let me know your thoughts on which I should go with!
  2. The neverfull will be the best choice for you in my opinion. You can use it to school, n on weekends too! It’s a classic LV and the best bet for your first!
  3. Nos1 will suit your current lifestyle best
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  4. Why would you lose it because you are in university? I’m sorty if it is obvious :smile:

    I’d go for the Neverfull though. But only because I am oldfashioned regarding buying myself ring. I want rings only from my boyfriend. Other jewellery I buy for myself.
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  5. Whatever you would wear more. But a Cartier love ring will get scratched up. Are you ok with that?
  6. You need to tell us more about your university life. Eg do you carry books and laptops around every day? Is there a stealing potential from others? Do you drink too much and pass out?
    If you carry books and laptops etc best is to buy the NF as it’s practical for that (in MM or GM size) and when you get older and it’s worn out, makes the perfect bag to also carry from work to the sea etc, can fit change of clothes and towels if you work out.
    If there is stealing potential the NF is no good as there is no zipper, but also not the Cartier ring, I would go for earrings.
    Also if you drink too much and pass out I wouldn’t carry anything designer with me as you are spotted (not all countries are the same though, but if I went with an LV at my uni I would be asking for trouble)
  7. The neverfull is my most used bag, I use it when I go to university all the time. Some people at my university wear the same bag but the fake version so I presume people also think mine is fake (which is fine by me, only my close friends know about my bag obsession :angel:).
    Have you tried on the love ring? I found it quite uncomfortable.
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  8. I would go with the neverfull. I’m sure you’ll get alot of use out of it being in school :smile:
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  9. I have lots of LV bags and several Cartier rings and I would buy the Cartier ring first. The Love ring is a simple and classic piece of jewelry that you will wear for years and years to come.
  10. There is nothing forever, buy the Neverfull, use and holds the best resell value :biggrin: Let men buy you jewelries. Joke aside, I vote to buy the Neverfull.
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  11. I would go for Louis Vuitton Neverfull. :smile:
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  12. I'm leaning towards the Neverfull, but here's a question: which one will you get the most use out of? I'd choose that one.
  13. Neverfull. Neverfull. Neverfull
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  14. I’d vote for Neverfull or the Cartier ring.

    One thought about the ring. My ring size has changed over the years, especially after having kids. Just something to keep in mind while deciding, especially if you’re viewing it as something you’ll wear for life. I haven’t inquired but I doubt the ring can be resized.
  15. I received my neverfull when i started college and I love it! I've even had a gucci backpack that I used for a semester because I thought it would be more comfortable but I ended up loving the neverfull more still! It was easy to transition it from school and going out.
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