LV bag of the year 2007- which one was your "it" LV item of the last year?

  1. A year that brought us some very interesting new bags is over.
    I just wondered which bags might be remembered in a couple of years? Or which bandeaus, charms or acessories.

    For me the bag I really admired was the bowling in patchwork- unfortunately out of my price range but I love it.
    Another thing that I found special was the colour pomme d`amour- for me a wonderful red! The right colour to give an outfit the special something.

    So, what wil you remember about LV in 2007?
  2. I think the most memorable bags for 2007 are the Mirage and Tivoli. I agree, Pomme D'Amour is the classic LV color to be here for years.
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