LV bag from Eluxury...not too happy

  1. Hi. I just got LV Damier Azur Saleya PM from Eluxury. While I like the bag, the bag came with no stuffing inside, and what bothers me is that the little tags (a yellow one and a white one) that I usually find inside the pocket are missing. Also, in the past, everytime I bought an LV bag, the bag's handles and shoulder straps were wrapped in a clear plastic. Well this Saleya came with no wrappers. I believe this bag was a return from another purchaser who forgot to put everything back. Would Eluxury give me an exchange?
  2. I had that happen to me when i ordered from eluxury.
    i didn't like that they smashed my bag into a tiny box and it was
    I don't like to order from eluxury because they don't take the
    time out to wrap everything like the SA at the boutiques.
  3. you can request them just send you the tags or full exchange w/plastic wrapped handle. My Stephen is the only one that comes w/wrap from elux out of all the LV handbag i order form there; it's up to packer to remove it or not b4 send out, just like SAs.
  4. I would call for an exchange. Tell them you are not very happy with the returned bag that you got. Just be nice and I am sure they will help you!

    There was a TPF'r that wanted to keep some of the ELUX items, lock and key and stuff. It kind of made me angry to hear that they wanted to keep those items when returning the bag!
  5. I've gotten bags like that before from the store with either just the yellow/beige tag with that says it's calfskin, canvas, etc. and no white tag with the style name, or none at all.
    I might be in the minority but I don't think it's worth sending the whole bag back just because you didn't get the tags and stuffing (which you'll end up throwing away anyway). Also, the plastic isn't just a given, it's supposed to be removed before purchase, which is why you don't usually end up getting it on your bags when you buy them from the store AND from elux. As long as the handles are patina-free and the bag doesn't look like it has been used, then I'd just keep it.
  6. I think you should keep your bag and be happy with what you have. At least your bag didn't come damaged, stained, or came with an unpleasant smell? I don't think this is something you should return your bag for.

    You could simply just call them tomorrow and let them know what's up if you still want the tags that bad. :yes:
  7. Somehow I still like the boutique though. I just got my bandeau and it wasn't nicely wrap, also the item was a return. The tag was cut & the material is somehow ruin.
  8. Totally agree!!!
  9. Eww, I got a used bandeau from them too, it was sticky and wrinkly. lol. to the OP , I have never recived a bag with wrapped handles, the sa's should remove that. If the tags bother you , then you should exchange it.
  10. My Neverfull was in a flat box, no stuffing, and no plastic. It didn't look like a return. I did get the tags, but I don't care much about the tags anyway. They're just laying in the bottom of the box with the dustbag in my closet. I would just enjoy the bag. If it doesn't look used, a few measy tags shouldn't matter.
  11. ITA John!
  12. when you order off elux - does your bag come w/ a LV box?
  13. ^Yes, they should.
  14. It has always come to me only in the Eluxury box, not an LV box, but it's been a while since I ordered from them (have been buying at boutique).Babydoll, has it changed and it really has an LV box now?
  15. If you decide not to exchange I would at least call for the tags, I recently sold a LV bag on eBay and ppl threw a fit because I didn't have the tags! I tried to explain that some of my bags didn't come with them but no one believed me!