LV bag for mum

  1. i'm thinking of buying my mum a LV bag for christmas, i'm not sure what to get her.. she likes bags that zips close because of the pickpockets back home, and that its roomy enough so that she can stuff a whole heap in it but not too big that it gets heavy.. she had the denim neo speedy..

    what do you guys think i should buy for her? i dont think i can afford more than US$750 though...

    TIA :heart:
  2. i was going to suggest the Popincourt Haut or Batignolles Horizontal, but then i saw your budget. they're both over $800.

    you can try the Damier Papillon 26 (it would look better in the 30 but that's over $800 too), or the Mono/Damier Speedy 25/30, both of which are less than $700.
  3. speedy?
  4. yeah... maybe i should "raise" it to $85or else i wont get anything..=) i dont think she will be particularly fond of the speedy.. she likes to be able to see whats in her bag... if you know what i mean... =)
  5. then the Popincourt Haut would be a good bag :yes:. i think it's $825, and it has a zip top
  6. I think the Mono/Damier speedy would be a good choice.
  7. what about the petit noe? does the draw string "close" enough? as in, can people reach in when its tied? does it get annoying because you have to tie it all the time? =)
  8. Something damier or monogram? your selection is huge for a budget of 750 :smile:
  9. yorelica - a mono i think.. i dont think she'd like the damier.. =)
  10. i would say the alma not sure if it out of the buget but to me its a mum bag
  11. hehehe... i dont think my mum would like carrying a "mum bag".. she's still in denial about her age... =)
  12. How wonderful.....:love:
    My suggestion would be the Damier tango, either in long strap or the shorter shoulder strap. Or Damier Salsa....Its around $700, I believe and its simple and understated...get her a matching key chain as well, let us know!:yes:
  13. definitely speedy 30 in damier :heart:
  14. Speedy!
  15. I was just going to suggest this! I think the Musette Tango or Salsa would be a great pressie!:yes: