LV Bag charms - do they scratch your bag?

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  1. I've long admired the lovely variety of LV bag charms and am very close to getting one.
    I have two concerns, does the constant back and forth friction scratch your bag? ...canvas or leather.

    My other question is...does the sound of the charms rubbing back and forth bug you? I ask this because I had the Favorite bag and didn't like it because the sound of the chain strap rubbing against the canvas really bugged me.

    Any info is greatly appreciated;)
  2. Great questions! I'd love to know if they scratch the bags as well.
  3. I have several and see no damage to any of the bags I use but I suppose if a charm was caught between canvas or leather and something hard it might scratch.
    The jingling sound does bother me at times. Mostly I don't notice it. Friends say they can hear me coming. Not sure if that's good....
  4. No they don't scratch the canvas. However since it's attached to the hardware on the bag, yes some scratching will occur on the metal over time. Metal on metal charms are the noisiest. The resin ones aren't that loud.

  5. Thanks for the info, that does help.

    I had to laugh that your friends 'hear' you's like wearing a noisy charm bracelet:biggrin:
  6. Good question
  7. I always wondered. Thank you for asking.
  8. They do not damage canvas but they do scratch the hardwear :sad:
  9. the metal in the charm rubs against the metal ring or hook you
    attach the charm to, if it's to leather than no
  10. I have no damage.
  11. Where are some favorite spots to put a bag charm? Handles? Hardware of handles?

    Does anyone notice any discoloration on the leather (especially for the vachetta on Monogram bags)?

  12. I wonder about this too:biggrin:
  13. I put my Tapage charm on my zipper pull and I have had no damage what so ever.. Knock on wood!
    If my zipper pull does get scratched that would be a easy free fix anyway..

  14. Which bag do you have it on? Pics?
  15. Wouldn't scratches occur with the strap hooks too 'cause it's rubbing against the metal ring too? What's everyone's take on this?