LV bag charm....yes, or no??

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  1. #1 Oct 1, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2010
    I went to the LV boutique today looking for something fun and small to buy but decided there was nothing I really, really wanted. Crazy right? :nuts: Fortunately for me the boutique is only 10 minutes from my house and question, I liked the LV Insolence bag charm (gold with tortoise look) to hook on my new Tivoli GM bag but I'd like to know what you think! Cool, so-so, no-so-much....I can go back tomorrow to get it :biggrin:

    (sorry tried to post link and it wouldn't work)
  2. Which charm is it? The link only sends me to the site.
    Maybe enter in a screenshot?
  3. I know a lot of girls like these charms on their bags, but I personally think it looks a little juvenile and tacky. I think I might be the minority though. If you love it you should get it.
  4. So sorry, I'm not very good with computers and the only one's I'm sure will work are from the FAKE sites....and I can't do that! :yucky: Maybe one of you computer whizzes can help me out? :P
  5. I think they tend to tarnish rather easily no?
  6. Great collection 'LittleMsPerfect!' I see your bag charm, very cute. I'm thinking instead of paying $400 for the bag charm I 'liked', I'd rather put it towards another LV bag! My BF gave me $800 today for whatever I want to use in on, but think I'll save it and keep adding to it for something really awesome.
  7. Thanks girlsnstilettos!!

    I agree about putting the money towards the bag. When I bought mine I was just going in for my coin purse. When I set my eyes on the trevi it was dressed with the chain. I was shocked at the trevi's price so the charm seemed really worth it.

    The SA showed me different ways to wear it:
    • attached to my coin purse to make it more like a clutch
    • attached to my coin purse, looped onto the belt loop of my jeans (men's wear style)
    • looped onto 2 belt loops
    • worn as a bracelet

    Although the different styles seemed cute I just sometimes use it to dress up my top handle bags.
  8. I really like the LV charms..and non-LV charms but only if they don't look tacky on the classy bag...
  9. Its a no for me, too expensive for a small accessory,,
  10. I say no, don't waste your $$$ - unless you have an unlimited source LOL

    I have the Rockflower charm and although I thought about it for a while before buying, the novelty wore off quickly and I really regret spending all that money on what is effectively a piece of plastic. I must have had a moment of insanity that day, honestly. Perhaps if you can get a charm through a really good deal is fine but my suggestion is to put the $$$ towards a bag instead.
  11. I think the charms are fun, bandeaus are less expensive and very girly on a handbag

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  12. See I like to dress up my bags sometimes so that they look more unique than others, and also to match my outfits. However I think the bag charms are too expensive for what they are and would rather use £200 plus towards a bag. So instead I purchase bandeaus, mini pochettes, and am planning to buy key pouches to dress up my bags. Also I would worry the bag charms may break as they look delicate (although I have never owned one so could not confirm that they would), but that fear would be in my head!!

  13. I love your bandeau ;)
  14. I do like a few of them, but I agree that they are really expensive. I have the brass and resin rooster and the violet cosmic blossom charms. It was the only thing that I really wanted from cosmic blossom. My rooster is super cute too.