LV bag charm :O) pic's

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  1. this is fun and pretty in person also got my glasses from Let trade excellent condition I love them :O)

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  2. That looks so great on your bag !! congrats !!
  3. and the glasses
  4. Oh my gosh...:drool:

    I LOVE that bag's perfect!! :yes::heart:

    The glasses are very cool look great wearing them also!
  5. LVOE the pink! :drool:
  6. [​IMG]
    thanks I love the charm so bright and pretty :O)
  7. oops I forgot I was wearing a coach in the pic I should have switched to lv LOL
  8. The glasses look great on you, and I love the Coach too, hehe!

    But the bag charm is awesome.
  9. Congratulations.. Love them both.
  10. Oooh the glasses look great on you ! And the bag charm is adorable ! ;)
  11. Awesome! Congrats!
  12. Congrats! Lovely charm!
  13. Oh wow you look so beautiful in those glasses and I love your purse charm.
  14. Bag charm is adorable, I can't wait for mine. Congrats on sunnies also!
  15. Very cute. COngrats! x