LV bag and working out @ 24 Hour fitness, Bally's, etc? What do you use...

  1. haul your stuff to the gym? If you use an LV bag for the gym, what do you use? Or is using an LV bag not a good idea for this purpose, in your opinion? TIA for the ideas! ;)
  2. i use my speedy 35...
  3. i would never use my lv at those places. they're a petri dish full of GERMS!!! ewww!! not on my lv!!!
  4. ^^I agree. In theory it sounds great to bring an LV tote to the gym but its so yucky there. And you are all sweaty and yucky too. I wouldnt want to sweat on my LV

    I use a old beat up duffle bag that I care nothing about. Its black. So if it gets dirty I cannot tell. Plus I have to squeeze it into my locker. I would never want to sqeeze and LV into those lockers. They look clean but what about the germs that we can't see. Yuck.

    Just my opinion.
  5. I would purchase a Sac Squash.
  6. And mind you pp do steal constanly in locker room! All the sweat and germ...:throwup:
  7. no LV in gym....IMHO its a bad idea..germs target for stealing and it looks snooty- i think- kinda like paris and that girl she was with, with their Miroirs on the beach. just get a nylon gym bag. I had a stella Mc cartney gym bag and it was stolen! Guess the thief had good taste. and that was $280 for a GYM BAG kinda over the top but it was her gym line. Loved that bag. Loved it and so hopefully does the jerk whole stole it and my Ipod! but im not bitter...nope in '07 im off the Haterade :cursing: :crybaby: :hysteric: so now i just use a normal gym bag from Puma cuz i learned the very hard way.
  8. I use a Keepall 45 in Mono and have had no problems. But then again, my gym is FULL of people who use designer bags so... :p
  9. Thanks for your comments/ideas everyone! I use my multipli-cite for work, but don't want to lug around another bag for the gym (I usually go after work--DH and I carpool so I hardly drive--if I drove, I'd leave my bag in the car!). Still playing with ideas, but I like the Sac Squash, John! I could still put my work stuff in it too.
  10. Wow! Sorry that happened to you! Puma has some cute gym type bags....
  11. I use an evasion, love it! Especially the sep. shoe container, I actually put my wet suit down great!
  12. i THOUGHT about this as I was leaving the track at school (where I run...well for the first time! HAHA!) and I would get a Cabas Mezzo...but I wouldn't feel comfy leaving it in the lockers..someonemight steal. it.
  13. Ooo....the evasion! I didn't think about that one-thanks for the idea!
  14. Get a lululemon gym bag! ;)
  15. I'd be scared someone would steal it:sad: Plus I don't like the thought of smushing it in the locker. I'd love to use an Evasion though!