LV bad dream...

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  1. I never dream about LV but, last night I dreamt that my collection was stolen. They left my Gucci's and Prada's behind and just took my LV's. It was terrible and I was panicked by the situation in my dream because I could not afford to replace them. In my dream I had photos with all the codes and I hired an investigator to help me find my collection. Before finding my collection in my dream I woke up and looked to make sure my collection was fine. What a weird dream.... I guess I really value my handbags and it would be hard to replace them if they were stolen or lost. Dreaming about LV now this is strange ...maybe too much time on tpf and LV that I would share....
  2. Haha thats scary ! I often dream about LV but its like me buying the bag i want and stuff like that so its all good :smile:!
  3. Yes, I think you are obsessed!!! Just like the rest of us!!! That would be a horrible nightmare if it came true!!! However, maybe you should start a spreadsheet listing your LV purses, how much you paid for them, plus keep all of your receipts, and take pictures of all of your LV items for insurance purposes. If your LVs are insured under your homeowner's policy or condo policy or renter's insurance policy, at least it would give you some peace of mind!!! :rolleyes:
  4. Ack that is a scary dream! Reminds me to one day organize everything for insurance purposes!
  5. :roflmfao:
  6. I would have woken up screaming, you must have been so releived when you woke up, lol.
  7. I told dh my dream and he said no more LV...he hates LV and always says..."ohhh your Louis Vuitton" in such a negative way when he refers to it....I think I will take photos and date code pics and compile all my receipts for insurance is a big investment afterall and my collection is valuable and worth a lot to me. Thanks guys for the great tips!!!!
  8. When you list your LV purchases with date purchased and price paid, also list how much the same purse is costing in 2006 or 2007. You can then see how much of a price increase LV has done over the last several years! Yikes!! I paid $650 plus tax for my Cabas Piano in 5/03, and now it's selling new for $915 plus tax! Crazy, huh?
  9. LAST NIGHT! i had a dream that my best friend bought a miroir speedy for christmas! i was happy for her, but awed that her parents would allow such an expensive bag...
    later, she found that the miroir part was peeling a bit, so she peeled it all off. underneath, was a plastic white speedy, same shape and everything, just plastic! it bothered me so much that i went to give her my miroir pochette!
    turns out, that was a CAPRI SUN pouch with louis vuitton inventeur drawn all over it!!!
  10. Wow we both had LV dreams...that is freaky!!! Maybe we think too much about LV...LOL....
  11. :shocked: omgosh you guys must have been terrified :wondering
  12. i once had a dream that the black MC pochette that i recently bought off ebay was authentic but the strap was switched with a fake one and it was cracked and peeling. i was devastated! then i tried contacting the seller but was unable to reach her.

    i also had another dream where my speedy 30 was stolen from me the first day i used it and i went hysterical.

    such negative dreams :sad: haha.