LV Babylone

  1. I'm thinking of getting this style as I do a lot of running around for work; need a digital camera and tape measurer.

    Just checking if any of you have experience with it. Does it hold it's shape, etc? Pros...cons?

    I have the Ellipse and love it, but I need my hands free and thinking that this would be a good shoulder bag.
  2. The Babylone is a good shoulder bag, but a little bit heavy! It holds it's shape very good, the zip is easy to open and the opening is large. It holds a lot.
  3. I just sold my Damier Babylonne SO on eBay and I love that bag, you could compare it with Epi St.Jacques large or Ellipse Shopping
  4. I think it's a nice bag, but it's HUGE and it might be hard to run around with...have you considered the reporter GM? That bag might better fit your needs. :yes: