LV baby/diaper bags?

  1. I was curious if any LV bags would be suitable to use as a baby/diaper bag?
  2. Angelina Jolie uses a Cabas Mezzo with her son, and I think that the Monogram Mini line has one specifically made for that purpose with a changing pad.
    angie d.jpg
  3. I used Montsouris as a diaper bag for years!!!:love:
  4. I think the Cabas Mezzo or Batignolles Horizontal would make excellent, stylish diaper bags.
  5. This is what I have except mine is khaki. I've been using it since my DD was born and that was 20 months ago. What I love about this bag is that one side is made for babies' things and the other is made for mommy's stuff. Under the flap that you see in the pic, there are two divided compartments and four pockets so things could be stored in an orderly way. That's one factor I found to be important when I was researching for diaper bags. The configuration may have changed since I purchased it more than two years ago. The canvas material is easy to clean too. I've spilled milk a dozen times and all I've had to do was used a wet towel to wipe clean.

    The other half of the bag has a long zipper running the length of the bag that unzips to a large compartment where I store my Porte-tresor International, a cell phone, a cosmetic pouch and sometimes my DH's man's purse, the size of a Wapity. On the outside, there's a pocket and another small zippper pocket.

    The buckle that you see on the side, when you undo that, it unfolds to reveal a diaper mat for dipes changes on the go. The mat is nicely quilted and washable.

    My friends complain about having to juggle a diaper bag and a separate handbag (and not to mention a baby). This bag allows me to carry everything that I need in one great design while freeing up my other hand for a more things. IMO, it was definitely money well spent. :biggrin:

  6. What is the retail on this diaper bag? I have a monogram Mezzo that I thought I'd use as a diaper bag. Maybe this would work out better.
  7. I don't remember exactly but I think I paid between $1100-1200 more than two years ago. Sorry for having one of those mommy brain f*rts! :biggrin:

  8. Thanks! That sounds pretty reasonable for such a handy bag! :smile:
  9. Well it seems like the mini monogram diaper bag is great/perfect :biggrin: Is it part of the permanent line? I don't have a need for one yet.

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  10. The diaper bag as well as the whole mini monogram line have been discontinued. I know that about two weeks ago, some popped back into the system.
  11. I considered the monogram mini that's posted, but, i thought it was a little bulky and it was just too much for me to carry day to day.

    I ended up using the Star Souple as my diaper bag:
    (not my bag, I just stole the pic from ebay)
    I sold it a year later and I THINK it's since been discontinued but it was the perfect size.

    Now that my son is a little older I go between the batignolles horizontal if I need to carry more stuff (I put two sippies, a thing of travel wipes, snacks, my wallet, a pochette with my stuff and a changing pad) or the Popincourt Haut. I like that both bags look like handbags/totes as opposed to a diaper bag and they're more versatile because I can get use out of them even when I'm not using them to carry baby stuff.