LV azur stresa or Givenchy bag

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  1. Hi girls,
    i'm torn between Azur Stresa and Givenchy Nightingale.

    i know is two very different bags but i like both the same level.
    LV it's 910€ all cavans and vacchetta leather..very similar to my neverfull damier
    Givenchy it's 1200€ it's all leather and is not common in Italy..

    what do you think? classic LV or new toy with Givenchy?
  2. pic of givenchy's bag
  3. Buy the one you love the most. I think the azur is very nice now with spring and summer around the corner.
  4. I find the Nightingale too plain for my taste. The LV is more of a statement and will last 20 years, if not more. I would go for LV.
  5. i vote for the nightingale.
  6. I'd pick the LV too.
  7. i would go for the nightingale, stunning bag, classy and edgy!
  8. LV!!!l
  9. I agree...LV! I love the damier too.
  10. I think the Azur Stresa would be a great choice. With Spring coming up, it will be a perfect bag to use for nice weather. :cool:
  11. Louis Vuitton
  12. stresa!!!!!!!!!!;););)
  13. Stresa!
  14. Just saw someone at the mall with the Azur Stresa and it was AMAZING! I was seriously staring at this poor woman's bag because it was just so pretty!
  15. LV. Only LV.