LV Azur Speedy 30... Made in U.S.A.??

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  1. I just bought an Azur Speedy 30 (which I love)at the LV boutique in Tampa and was just wondering why it says made in U.S.A. on it?? Shouldn't it say France? It says france on the lock...

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  2. The parts are from France but it was assembled in the USA in one of the factories there. Don't worry, it's totally authentic and the exact-same quality as the Made in France bags. You can check out other threads about the same thing.
  3. Ok, thanks for your reply!!
  4. Yup, as posted above, it is normal for bags to be made in USA since there are LV factories in France, Spain, USA, and Italy.

    Since this question has been asked many times in the past, perhaps try using the search feature above next time. ;)
Thread Status:
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