LV Aviator sunglasses

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  1. I just came in from visiting my local boutique. As you all know, aviator sunglasses are really hot right now. I tried on a pair from the men's s/s 2006 collection and they were really, really, hot looking on me. They are called the "Raymundo". If you are in the market for some new sunglasses try these babies on!
  2. I cannot pull off Aviators! I do want a new pair of shades though! :smile:
  3. I'm not telling anyone what to buy by any means, BUT you really don't get the best sunglasses from the major "designer" labels. Your eyes are much better off with brands that focus on manufacturing quality sunglasses 24/7/365 and aren't relying on promoting XYZ brand name in a stylish manner instead.

    When I sold Chanel, they were considered junk, and I must say that my Gucci and Prada glasses weren't my best buys. They're much more delicate than a brand like Maui Jim, and they cost as much and aren't polarized. The only advantage they seem to have is that they're very lightweight, but then I also found some that were just as nice by Candies for $16 at Kohls.
  4. I understand what you're saying, Ammietwist. But what can I say, I'm a sucker for labels!:shame:
  5. Aww.. that's a bummer to hear, Ammietwist ! My heart was set on a pair of Chanel sunnies.

    I really like the Louis Vuitton millionaire sunnies designed by Pharrell, everything else just pales in comparison. :shame:
  6. Oh, I understand as there were some Versace sunglasses I adored. Uncomfortable, but darn did they look hot. LOL

  7. Since you love them, just check them out thoroughly before you purchase. If you're happy with what you see upon that closer inspection, they'll probably work for you. Just be sure they don't distort colors, they're dark enough, and they cover enough of the eye area to provide real protection. Cute and designer is kind of meaningless if your eyes are getting damaged in the process.

    Lecture over. :lol:

  8. My friend has these and they are stunning:biggrin: I only purchase sunglasses if they offer enough protection from the harsh sunlight and keep my eyes safe from those burning rays:lol:
  9. Thanks for the advice !! I will definitely go through the checklist when I'm checking them out. :amuse:
  10. Is there anywhere besides the boutiques that sells LV sunglasses, or does my Saks just not carry anything?
  11. I LOVE Gucci Sunglasses...Definitely Delicate (They Stretch/Loosen Easily).....But EVERY Pair, I've Owned ~ Super Comfy!!!
  12. The boutiques are the ones that sell sunglasses. Mostly your larger ones. Usually the ones that carry ready to wear, shoes, etc.
  13. the millionaire ones look the best in white... but i dont think i could pull them off... im also a huge fan of the aviator.. i personally like the mirrored lens ones... but i dont like the price tag of the LV sunnies... so i will stick with my chanels
  14. I used to adore, but their selection seems to have gone downhill recently- plus I've discovered the joys of SmartBargains and Bluefly!