LV Authentication in 1 Easy Step...

  1. I visited last weekend with my family in Alexandria, VA. My 13-yo niece commented on my LVBaggy GM (Lichen) and asked if it was real. I told her yes, and when I opened it up, she said, "Yeah, it must be. When they have suede inside, they're real." My sister (who is smart, kind, beautiful, and succesful, but knows nothing of LV or fashion) asked her how she knew that.

    "Mom," she said in that particularly "how-could-my-mother-be-so-ignorant-?" tone of voice, "EVERYBODY knows that if they have suede inside, they're real."

    So, the heck with the authentication threads and the date codes and everything else... if it has suede inside, it must be REAL!:lol: ;)
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  10. Hush yo' mouth, girl, I can't pronounce "alcantara" either :smile:
  11. Cute story- now if only it were really so easy!:smile:
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