LV aurelia white MC

  1. I just got back from the mall not planning to buy anymore purses, but going into the boutique as an lv addict, I came home with the new Aurelia white MC tote!!! I can't wait to use it. What are your opinions on this style? Thanks ladies!
  2. do you have a pic?
  3. OMg you crazy gal :smile: cant wait to see pic's
  4. I saw it earlier i the week and I plan to get one in the larger style in white.

    Its a great bag. An LV tote would be so useful to have

    Congrats. Post pics soon
  5. I saw a picture on the Louis Vuitton website, I think they're very nice!
  6. I'm new to this and I have no clue to do the pics. Hehehe... They do have it in the MC section on the lv website. Or anyone that knows how if you can post one up. Thanks!
  7. congrats! They are really nice.
  8. Congrats! Cant wait to see pics. I got the black one and I LOVE IT!! It has to be my most perfect LV bag, soo comfy on the shoulder and fits everything even the kitchen sink ;)
  9. [​IMG]
    They don't have a picture posted in white...
  10. Does it come in a larger size than I got? I got the shoulder bag aurelia mm. Thanks.
  11. I could only find the MM:smile:
  12. I hear the larger size comes out next week and it comes w/ a pouchette. around $1750ish
  13. OMG, what an impulse purchase!!! i'm so proud of you, girl.:love:
  14. Heehee, love your work....Its gorgeous!!!
  15. Wow, crazy impulse. I wonder what else did you get lol